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About Perry Timms

A Chartered Member of the CIPD, Perry has led business change and organisation development for 20 years and now doubles his role as Director of People & Learning at adventurous digital agency Media Zoo, with his own venture (PTHR) which includes a connected learning community that doubles as a “virtual organisation” of over 110 HR, Learning, Change and Technology professionals (the iPractice).

Perry is also adviser to the CIPD on Social Media, a TEDx and international speaker on the future of work, a member of the IBM Future of Work programme, a top 10 HR blogger, is Vice Chair of the Northamptonshire CIPD Branch, a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam University Business School, a Fellow of the RSA and Chief Connector for - helping to build more freedom-centred workplaces.

An experienced chair, coach, facilitator, mentor, and hackathon guide, Perry is renowned for his enthusiasm, energy and forward looking approaches to learning, work and people development.

Writing for a range of HR journals, and author of the e-book “HR 2025” - Perry is known for his alternative views on the world of work and is referred to as the HR Futurist by the CEO of the CIPD.

EVPs: Business as UNusual

Eight years working in the telecommunications industry has left me with an anthology of anecdotes to draw from when exploring and trying to articulate the future of work. Here’s my latest; reimagining an EVP is like walking into a telco store to purchase a new mobile phone contract.

Article by 19 February 2020

Disruptors and Disruption

Once, a company being a disruptor was considered the ultimate honour tag; and a chance that there was a case study just waiting to erupt onto the unsuspecting HBR readership.  Now a company like Uber or even AirBnB as a disruptor doesn’t ALWAYS attract the adoring storylines.

Article by 5 January 2018

Future of Work

I’m OBSESSED by the future.  As Woody Allen famously said “we’re all interested in the future, for that’s where we’re ... View Article

Article by 28 April 2016