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What to do if an employee has a criminal past

While this is unlikely to be at the top of any employer’s wish list, it’s important to note that a conviction does not and should not mean a person is unable to do a good job.

Article by 26 April 2023


Why does HMRC allow tax avoidance schemes to thrive?

Following the roll-out of the new IR35 legislation, we have seen a proliferation in disguised remuneration schemes which has led to concerns that an increasing number of contractors may have been unwittingly duped into signing up for tax avoidance schemes. And, whilst HMRC has become more active in issuing warning letters to workers suggesting they may be in a disguised remuneration or tax avoidance scheme, their efforts should be targeted at the scheme promoters which are being allowed to thrive, argues Crawford Temple, CEO of Professional Passport.

Article by 26 October 2021


Consumerism at work

Consumerism is at work all around us. We find ourselves aiding and abetting what has become a scourge of our times, from the moment we wake until we go back to sleep (and even then, we set things up so our consumption can continue unabated).

Article by 10 March 2020