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Voyage of discovery

It goes beyond identifying problem areas and looks at opportunity areas, where improvement, enhancement or optimisation of technology (or ways of working) can make a far more meaningful difference to a business’s performance.

Article by Alan Walker 31 January 2023


The End of HR – the Future of HR?

HR used to be called Personnel – The name changed to reflect a more rounded function, which blended training and development with the admin role. It is clear enough that the function deals with the legal and admin aspects of employees as well as training and development. But what we don’t usually see is that HR and employees are operating within a complex system and thus, all their activities are subservient to that system. When the system is intentionally distorted by the law and by whatever becomes normal behaviour, then we get a function that is no longer looking after the best long-term interests of employees but is actually engaged in exploiting those employees to realise such concepts as “sustainable growth” – a discredited whimsey of a sub-set of our economic system and maybe an oxymoron.

Article by 29 January 2023


Do flexible working policies lead to a two-tier workforce?

Two-tier workforces are not a new phenomenon, but how it’s defined in today’s economy is. In the past, the two-tier workforce was characterized by differences between white and blue-collar workers. Now, the two-tier workforce can be seen in the differences between those who have access to flexible working arrangements and those who do not.

Article by Eugene Tavyev 28 January 2023


Essential tips on how to hire during a recession

Hiring is predicted to become a 'buyers-market' in 2023 as there are more candidates looking for roles, and fewer are roles available. How hiring organisations' navigate this landscape will be key to scalable growth. Here are some pointers to be aware of.

Article by Rob Symons, General Manager EMEA - SmartRecruiters 26 January 2023


Identifying the main types of business risk

Running a business comes with its own set of risks, from strategic to operational, reputational and compliance risks. In this article, we'll explore the different types of risks and how to measure them. Learn how to safeguard your business and ensure its long-term success.

Article by Dana Wolf 25 January 2023


The great unretirement: Hiring retirees to fill talent gaps

HR leaders are looking for creative solutions to mitigate labor shortages. A great place to start is with retired workers. Regardless of their specific personal motivations for rejoining the workforce, this “unretired” demographic is a godsend to businesses in need of talented and experienced employees.

Article by Kara Hertzog 24 January 2023


What CHROs need to know about CIO succession

The cost of poor CIO succession is significant, both from a financial and morale perspective. In addition to heightening risk and the interruption to technology projects, the board loses its ‘right hand’ on all technology matters and the business loses a critical enabler of the core strategy.

Article by Matt Cockbill & Katie Boucher 23 January 2023


Re-engaging the workforce after strike action

Strike action across the UK has risen to the highest in more than a decade. Organizations must take steps to strengthen the connection and commitment of their employees, in an attempt to rebuild these relationships. To recover successfully and prevent potential future strikes, there are two key areas that leaders should focus on.

Article by Rebecca Harrop - Senior Consultant in Kincentric’s Culture and Engagement practice 19 January 2023


How to promote teamwork in the workplace

Working in retail management? Getting your team to work as a unit can be difficult when everyone’s mobile. These 6 ways to promote teamwork in the workplace will help you boost communication between team members, improve employee well-being, and ensure a better customer experience.

Article by Sebastian Morgan 17 January 2023


Employees want to work at diverse and inclusive companies

Diversity and inclusion make the company a better place to work and achieve goals together as a team. A diverse and inclusive company is a workplace that contributes to growth and ensures that everyone, regardless of what they do for the company, feels equally included and supported in all areas of the workplace.

Article by Crystal Berg 16 January 2023