The Blog: February 2021

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Understanding the Complexities of Innovation for Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Digital Age

There was a time when product cycles could be easily segregated in terms of distinct stages from Conception to Obsolescence that enabled top/senior management to strategize on a long-term basis with the benefit of ‘slack time’ that allowed for ‘reflective pause’ on honest missteps and resolute course corrections without jeopardizing the organizational integrity.

Article by 25 February 2021


How to navigate global payroll through the challenges of Brexit

The impact of Brexit (the departure of the UK from the European Union) can be seen across many part of our working lives: European travel rules have changed and you will now need specific licenses and certificates for both imports and exports. Brexit has affected our digital footprint, too. You will now need specific clauses to transfer personal data between the EU and UK. As a business owner, your team will regularly handle confidential, personal data, most often through your payroll processes. Global payroll - an already complex process where teams will have to keep track of numerous data streams at any one time - has been hugely impacted by Brexit.

Article by 25 February 2021


Business is a team sport

Neck and neck, across the line, teed up, dropped a ball, take a punt – all sound familiar? It’s not new or unusual to use sports terminology in business when there are so many similarities. Translating these recounts to the business world is not a difficult leap. Inspiring leadership, trust, a growth mindset, and valued teamwork are all necessary components of a successful business. In business and in sport, results don’t just happen by themselves but rely on three key elements: performance, opportunity, and engagement.

Article by Jane Maher 19 February 2021


Balancing Covid-19 compliance and employee wellbeing

There has been a wealth of commentary and advice for employers about how to deal with employee anxiety surrounding a return to the workplace in the ‘post-COVID’ world. However, one issue has been overlooked: what about employees who want to return to the workplace, contrary to Government guidance?

Article by 18 February 2021


What makes a Top Employer in 2021?

In order to cope with the constant disruption and subsequent re-building work of 2021, the world’s best employers are looking again at what makes them a community - their networks, their self-reliance and a clear sense of purpose.

Article by 16 February 2021


The Challenges and Opportunities of the New Economy facing Human Resources

COVID-19 has turbocharged some of the expected changes by speeding up the digitalisation of the workplace. Prior to lockdown, it was unthinkable that so many people would be working from home full-time and speaking to colleagues only by ‘phone and meeting via video calls. Seeing how quickly and effectively companies like Interserve have responded to the challenges posed by lockdown - by very quickly managing to get people working remotely - has been encouraging: it sets us in good stead for the inevitable changes that the adoption of AI and robotics will bring. Yet there are both challenges and opportunities that need to be considered.

Article by Stephen Hallmark 12 February 2021


25 years of the Disability Discrimination Act: Tackling discrimination in the workplace and beyond

November 2020 marks the twenty fifth anniversary of disability rights legislation in the U.K. It is a time to reflect on the fight for rights by disabled campaigners and others that finally resulted in the ground-breaking and much needed legislation. But 25 years on from the passing of the DDA, have we tackled discrimination in the workplace and what do we need to do now?

Article by Sarah Bartlett (on behalf of Bela Gor) 12 February 2021


Planning, preparation and patience! – juggling home schooling and work

The third national Covid-19 lockdown has seen huge strains placed on working parents due to the Whitehall-led decision to once again close schools and most nurseries. It would be fair to say that the first school closures in March last year were uncertain and daunting for everyone, and this time round parents knew at little more about what to expect both in terms of demands on their time and support from school.

Article by 11 February 2021


Future of the Office: The ‘Hybrid’ Way Of Working

Every business has had its operational framework thrown into question over the year. A national crisis required fast responses and an experimentation with a new working style, so it’s no surprise that working from home (and during a global pandemic) hasn’t been without challenges. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t here to stay. Flexible working hours, remote working options and collaborative workspaces aren’t anything new. Covid-19 has simply accelerated what changes were already in place. Employers saw the value of a flexible working model that prioritised their team’s wellbeing long before this pandemic.

Article by 9 February 2021