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Having the confidence to report sexual harassment in the workplace

Prominent movements against sexual harassment, including #MeToo and Time’s Up, have given over a quarter of UK workers the confidence to report sexual harassment. While the research unearthed the positive impact the movements have had, it also highlighted the extent of gender discrimination and sexual harassment still taking place in workplaces across the country.

Article by: Sinead Bunting | Published: 19 August 2018


Poor talent pipelining will create future skills gap crisis

Following the recent announcement that doctors and nurses will now be exempt from Tier 2 visa caps, a specialist healthcare recruitment consultancy has warned that more still needs to be done to advert major future skills gaps. The breadth of career options within healthcare must be promoted to school and university leavers if we are to build strong talent pipelines moving forward. 

Article by: Michael Johnson-Ellis | Published: 19 August 2018


Virtual: something that exists in essence but not in actuality

The term 'virtual' applied to a team is an interesting concept based on the definition of the word above. The inference is that these teams do not really exist! Let we know that they do, and organisations are becoming more and more dependent upon them.

Article by: Simon Mac Rory | Published: 18 August 2018


EMEA Businesses must prioritise finding and keeping talent in 2018

The challenge of finding, retaining and developing talent has been long since bemoaned by employers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, over half of EMEA businesses have labelled this as their biggest business challenge for 2018, according to HireRight’s 2018 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report.

Article by: Steve Girdler | Published: 18 August 2018


Belief Systems that Hurt High Achievers

As an Organisational Psychologist and 28 years working with the top three levels in Fortune 100 companies, I’ve noticed some common themes with some of the most successful people in the world. Contributor Dr. Marissa Pei, Consulting Psychologist and author of, “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are”

Article by: Dr. Marissa Pei | Published: 17 August 2018

app generation

The ‘App Generation’: Workers of the future and the future of work

The ‘App Generation’ is the first to have grown up in a world of digital media and mobile technology. For teenagers today, the solution to virtually every problem and answer to almost every question can be found with a few taps of their smartphone. Contributor Mary Good, Chief People Officer - Fuze

Article by: Mary Good | Published: 17 August 2018


The great CEO pay debate continues

Total FTSE 100 Chief Executive pay has increased by 11 percent in the past year. CEO reward increases outstrip pay rises for the wider workforce, fuelling questions over fairness and governance in Britain’s biggest businesses. An annual assessment of FTSE 100 CEO pay packages released today shows that CEO median pay rose by 11 percent between 2016 and 2017.

Article by: Peter Cheese | Published: 16 August 2018

USA Flag

US jobs data – “bitter reality lurking beneath vanilla surface”

Though the headline job creation figure came in below expectations, 157,000 is far from a failure. The markets quickly summed it up as robust rather than retreating, leaving the Dollar largely unphased and holding onto the gains it made earlier this week against both sterling and the Euro.

Article by: Jacob Deppe | Published: 15 August 2018


Why parenting team members can be so detrimental

As a leadership writer and researcher, I focus on the caring behaviours associated with management actions. One risk of this thinking however is that parental, controlling styles of leadership can often be mistaken for caring. The language of Transactional Analysis - a theory of communication and therapeutic interposition - is helpful in illustrating this.

Article by: Tracy Kite | Published: 15 August 2018