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employee engagement

Guide to raising employee engagement

Aon’s 2018 Benefits and Trends Survey cited employee engagement as one of the top two challenges for employers, alongside retention. Employers also said the third biggest challenge was improving employee participation with their benefits. Contributor Jerry Edmondson.

Article by: Jerry Edmondson | Published: 27 May 2018


Menopause A Disability? What Latest Tribunal Ruling Means For Employers

Menopause has been in the news recently after the deputy Bank of England governor used the word to describe his negative view of the economy, prompting debate about the nature of menopause and attitudes towards it; he later issued an apology regretting the ageist and sexist undertones of his comment. 

Article by: David Southall | Published: 27 May 2018


Insolvency, Employees and what HR needs to know

In recent months, a number of high profile insolvencies have hit the headlines, and there seems no sign of these abating.  In each case, news coverage has often focused on the job losses that are likely to follow the insolvency. However, the actual effect of insolvency on jobs is complex.

Article by: Keely Rushmore and Nathanael Young | Published: 26 May 2018


Mind… there’s still a gap

The introduction of mandatory gender pay reporting, to all UK organisations, was an attempt to bring the issues into the open. The Government’s intention to make organisations more transparent was a good decision. It isn’t that long ago that employees were actively discouraged from discussing their pay with colleagues for fear it would highlight perceived pay differences.

Article by: Peter Meyler | Published: 26 May 2018

The naysayers and jobsworths dragging the business anchor

“I’m just being practical, but I don’t see how we can make this work,” he said. The team had come up with an idea built on their workplace skills and interests outside of work. It was a novel idea that on the face of it sounded exciting, but took little effort to find flaws in the concept.

Article by: Dominic Irvine | Published: 25 May 2018


Pawternity leave – Barking mad or will it take off?

So, what exactly is ‘pawternity leave’? Apparently, it’s just like maternity or paternity leave but for a new pet, instead of a new baby. The unpaid time off is allowed in order to give pet owners time to take care of their new pet whether this is a kitten, puppy, rabbit, hamster or whatever you’re having yourself…

Article by: Mairead | Published: 25 May 2018


Avoiding and repairing miscommunication

We might think that communication has occurred, but in actuality, it has not. Both people think they understand what has been passed between them, but they walk away with ideas that are clearly not the same. This is where the illusion of communication can be most damaging.

Article by: Karen O'Donnell | Published: 24 May 2018


Four Communication Errors You Are Making

In particular for a HR Director role effective communication with your workforce is fundamental. An HR Director manages organisational development, recruitment and have the tricky task of maintaining a positive work culture thus cannot afford to be experiencing any communication mistak

Article by: Simon de Cintra | Published: 24 May 2018


Presenteeism: What it really means for management

New survey findings from the CIPD, as well as academic research of my own, highlights the significant and growing problem of presenteeism in the UK.  HR Directors are understandably concerned by the finding that sickness presenteeism is at least twice as common as sickness absence; employees are spending an average 2.5 weeks a year at work despite feeling unwell. 

Article by: Zara Whysall | Published: 23 May 2018