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Employee engagement

Why working women are more stressed than men

Nearly half (44 percent) believe senior management lack commitment to providing workplace wellness support. Given the high levels of stress amongst working women and an appetite for tailored wellness programmes, the health service provider is calling for employers to take note. 

Article by: Phil Austin | Published: 26 March 2019


Looking ahead to the 2019 contracting market

It’s difficult to predict how the contracting market will be impacted over the coming year. The 2019 Loan Charge and the introduction of IR35 into the private sector have been heavily debated over recent months with different parties - HMRC, contractors, companies and MPs - all seeking to influence the new legislation

Article by: Anthony Sherick | Published: 25 March 2019

Levy in crisis – should top-end apprenticeships still be funded?

Funding for these apprenticeships should instead be consistent with whatever the Post 18 Education and Funding Review proposes for full time higher education with a combination of student loan, government grant and employer support where appropriate. 

Article by: Mark Dawe | Published: 24 March 2019


Top tips for employers on getting the best out of apprentices

Institute of Student Employers (ISE) asked its members about the 76,000 entry-level staff they have hired over the last three years, including graduates, apprentices and school leavers. The Survey revealed that employers are almost four times as likely to raise concerns.

Article by: Stephen Isherwood | Published: 23 March 2019

Top tips to improving workforce motivation

The dissatisfaction was most prominent in the Wales (70 percent), South West (68 percent), Scotland (67 percent), Yorkshire & Humber (64 percent), and West Midlands (60 percent) – where workers claim that employers were falling short of meeting their professional and personal aspirations.

Article by: Chris Hickey | Published: 22 March 2019


Top tips for implementing your benefits programme

Once you’ve selected your provider and finalised your company’s benefits offering, it’s time to prepare for the all-important process of implementing your programme. How you handle the early stages of your benefits scheme delivery will significantly influence its overall success. 

Article by: Unknown | Published: 22 March 2019

Five key takeaways from the 2019 Pensions statement 

For the first time, TPR explicitly sets out their expectation that trustees, and sponsors should set a Long Term Funding Target and, importantly, the need to evidence how shorter-term investment and funding strategies are aligned with the LTFT

Article by: Marian Elliott | Published: 21 March 2019

Five Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work

In light of the study, Instant Offices delves into why many women experience this adverse phenomenon, which UK industries have the highest ratio of self-doubters and how business owners and employees can beat imposter syndrome at work.

Article by: Chris Parnham | Published: 20 March 2019


Top things to consider about your relationship with employees 

Since acquiring Absolute Corporate Events (ACE) in 2013, I have made it my mission to develop a business strategy based upon people, rather than just numbers. In the knowledge that numbers will always follow the right people. Hence, ACE is now home to some of the UK’s leading event industry professionals and the business has since experienced growth of 400 percent in the past five years.

Article by: Chris Parnham | Published: 19 March 2019