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Organisations must invest in plasticity to ride out uncertainty

In the face of a continuously challenging economic climate, businesses mustn’t curtail their investment in people. Instead, continuing to invest in their employees’ personal and professional development, their sense of belonging and strengthening their network should be a priority.

Contributor: Claire Lock, Vice President, Talent Business Partners - International Markets - UKG | Published: 30 September 2023

Appetite to expand into new markets is unwavering

Atlas, an industry leader in Employer of Record (EOR) solutions and technology, today releases its 2023 Global HR Study, the EOR industry’s most comprehensive report to date, exploring the impact of technology, evolving skills, talent shortages, and regulations on businesses globally. Set against a backdrop of significant macroeconomic and political volatility, findings from the survey of over 500 HR decision-makers in large and SME companies across the U.K., UAE, Singapore, Australia, and the USA, reveal that 82% of companies are considering expanding into new markets to find the right talent.

Contributor: Chelsey Griggs - Atlas | Published: 30 September 2023

Leaders think they lead inclusively… employees disagree

New research by HR software provider Ciphr finds that employees are less positive than managers about their organisations’ diversity and inclusion efforts

Contributor: Emma-Louise Jones, Ciphr | Published: 29 September 2023

Employers must do more to support women returning to workplace

One of the many challenges faced by women returning to the workplace is the steep cost of childcare, which has in many cases become unaffordable and in certain areas inaccessible to many families. This means that often the only option is for one parent to give up work and stay at home – and in the main, it’s women who do this.

Contributor: Tom Curran, head of wellbeing - Lockton People Solutions | Published: 29 September 2023

Just 12% of jobs cite health and wellbeing benefits

A new study auditing more than 5,500 jobs posted online in July 2023 has revealed that despite UK workers taking more sick days than ever before, employment packages fall short when it comes to incentives that support good health and wellbeing at work.

Contributor: Dr Natasha Fernando, Plasma - Medichecks | Published: 28 September 2023


AI budgets increased by more than three-quarters within UK businesses

The economy may have had a downward impact on enterprise investments, but these increased exponentially when implementing AI, according to 76% of UK IT executives taking part in the latest State of Intelligent Automation Report: Impact of the Economy on AI Priorities, commissioned by ABBYY.  

Contributor: ABBYY | Published: 28 September 2023

Why onboarding and preboarding are least positive elements of recruitment

The riskiest part of the recruitment process is the period of time between offer and start date and the onboarding process itself, according to new research. Employer brand specialist Chatter Communications analysed the views of over 2,000 employees on their most recent recruitment experience.

Contributor: Paul Ainley, Managing Director - Chatter Communications | Published: 27 September 2023

Reactive approach to wellbeing support still most common among employers

A reactive approach to offering wellbeing support is still the most common option among employers, according to research from Towergate Health & Protection. The figures show that 42% of companies still opt for directing employees to support when requested, which can fall short when it comes to encouraging engagement or effective utilisation.

Contributor: Debra Clark, head of wellbeing - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 27 September 2023

One-in-four employees face discrimination and 85 percent are looking for a new job

A recent survey by leading employee experience agency Home shed light on workplace discrimination, with 25% of employees reporting first-hand experiences. Shockingly, 86% of those affected are on the hunt for a new job. These findings underscore the pressing need for more inclusive workplaces that prioritise fairness and equity.

Contributor: Hattie Roche - Home | Published: 26 September 2023

Feedback you receive for new ideas at work has a hierarchy

Seniority enhances the effectiveness of constructive feedback in improving idea generation quality, finds new research from Vlerick Business School. Constructive feedback can help improve idea generation quality, whether by refining initial concepts, validating their potential, or inspiring creative improvements. But new research confirms that the effectiveness of constructive feedback increases the more senior the person giving it is in the organisation.

Contributor: Walter Van Dyck - Contributor | Published: 26 September 2023