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Anna Meller

Balanced working must be a priority in the ‘new normal’

The UK has been celebrating National Work Life Week for over ten years now; while the US designates the whole of October as work-family month. It’s fair to say that for most people work-life balance has taken an enormous hit this year. Which is why employers must make it a key priority as we figure out ‘new normal’ ways of working.

Article by 14 October 2020

Richard Peachey

Why raising the standard of workplace investigations has become urgent

Workplaces are fraught with new sensitivities and complexities. The number of employment rights under which an employee could make a tribunal claim has more than trebled since the 1980s - and now, the muddle of Covid-19, the pressures from movements such as Black Lives Matter and #metoo have brought yet further potential for disputes, activism and disruption.

Article by 13 October 2020

Gayle Mann

What Corporates Can Learn from Disrupters?

Entrepreneurs, misfits, crazy ones, rebels, troublemakers, risk takers and rule breakers. Just a few of the terms used to describe us entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. Since the term ‘entrepreneur’ emerged into everyday vocabulary, entrepreneurs have become synonymous with disruptive style behaviours, which has in turn become synonymous with mythical success and disruptive greatness.

Article by 29 September 2020

Marianne Page

The Performance Management Revolution

As we begin to re-imagine a new, better normal and assess how work evolution has been accelerated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many of the traditional foundations on which employment have been based for generations, look medieval and none more-so than the cornerstone of Performance Management, the dreaded annual performance review. Clearly it has no place in the present and future frame and arguably, was never fit for purpose. Few would argue that performance reviews were anything other than an anathema to the spirit of creativity and collaboration. But by far the greatest negative of annual reviews was the blunt instrument of either financial rewards for positive or punitive action for negative. In the evolving world of collaborative effort and knowledge share, the reality is that contribution is far more complex, nuanced and discretionary.

Article by 24 September 2020