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Maintaining an Optimal Multigenerational Workforce in the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the key dilemmas facing businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the maintenance of an optimal number of employees who can effectively run the operational aspects without compromising on the quality of their offerings ( This has become a huge challenge, especially, for organizations that took an aggressive approach to rightsizing/furloughing the multigenerational workforces for ‘bandaging’ the profuse bleeding of profits from a significantly reduced customer/client base during the turbulent times of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Article by 1 August 2022


How to deliver learning for graduates in a hybrid world

The graduates coming into your business now have grown up in a consistently connected world, their drive for learning is high and they expect to learn in different ways. So how can you make sure your learning programmes are super engaging and impactful for your graduates in this hybrid world? 

Article by 24 June 2022


World Whistleblowers Day 2022 – A time to reflect and act

This article looks at the benefits of whistleblowing not just to the business or organisaton but wider society and public interest too and explains why an effective whistleblowing policy in any organisation needs to be in place that not only embraces the concept of protection but also champions those who use it.

Article by 22 June 2022


The times they are a-changing

The pre-COVID conversations with our clients about office acquisitions tended to focus on location, maximising density and ‘style’. Now the concept of office work has been turned upside down…. A paradigm change in what (responsible) employers demand of their post-COVID workplace is happening, underpinned by a reframing of our approach to mental wellbeing at work.

Article by 17 June 2022


Is “in the office” the new “out of office”?

Is “in the office” the new “out of office” and what does this concept signal about in-office expectations for hybrid workers? Perhaps it’s a ritualistic concept, a day or two to bond with your colleagues face-to-face, or to come together to cram in regular meetings? Amanda Augustine, careers expert for TopCV shares some of her thoughts about what this means for employees going forward.

Article by 13 June 2022


What to do when political tensions boil over in the workplace

It is said that there are two topics you should never discuss in the workplace or at family get-togethers: politics and religion. But there’s no escaping it. Politics is part of our daily lives, and everyone has their opinions.

Article by 5 May 2022


Is it time for WFTO* to trump WFH?

WFH, of course, has its place. It can ideally suit, for instance, people whose main function is writing reports. But in an environment such as ours, where drawings and designs need inspiration as well as expertise, collaboration is a vital part of the mix.

Article by 16 April 2022