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I still get funny looks when I talk to organisations around humanising the workplace or just getting them to try to stop thinking of humans as resources and just more like people. The worst part of it, is that I not only get these looks from organisational leaders but also HR colleagues who I thought would be up for a bit of disruption of the current status quo.

However and thankfully there are some amazing examples out there that show us, why focusing on the employee experience is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart and business savvy thing to do. Now for a second I want you to stop thinking of yourself with your HRD hat on… instead I want to take you back to that first or second job you had.

I find that remembering what it was to be an employee really helps. Think of what you loved about going into work? What did you not like about going into work? Was it a place that made you want to make friends, work hard, and help the organisation be successful? Or was it a place where you felt like a zombie every day, felt no one important knew your name, and you just couldn’t wait for it to be Friday or payday?

Our employees feel the same way.

So the real hard facts are that by focusing on creating a positive and outstanding employee experience we are really helping with:

1.Reducing turnover, people want to stay in a place they enjoy working in.
2. Improve your brand image, people will recommend the place they work or used to work…just think of how many people go onto Glassdoor before applying to a role or ask their friends about it.
3. Therefore attract better talent.
4. Create a space for innovation and change, people want to contribute to their organisations if they feel they are being valued, most of us go to work to create an impact beyond our paycheque.
5. Reduce absenteeism.
6. Increase productivity.
7. Really get that discretionary effort when it is most needed.
8. Employee experience and engagement is not a fad, it’s not only ethical, it makes business sense.

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