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(A Simple Calculation to Realize the Success of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives)


There is an increasing trend among progressive organizations to invest in productive Diversity and Inclusion measures that can provide a competitive edge in an unforgiving business environment. However, these well-meaning initiatives often fall prey to an imbalance between Diversity and Inclusion initiatives which dilutes any benefits accrued from engaging in such endeavors. One of the key success factors (KSFs) in avoiding this fate is ensuring timely management reviews supported by effective execution of incisive corrective/preventive actions that can avert the derailing of the whole exercise. This article introduces a metric, i.e., The Rainbow Score (TRS), which can be used to provide an effective input to the timely management review in gauging the success of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives for ‘informed’ decision making.

The Rainbow Score

The Rainbow Score (TRS) is a simple formula that is the product of three primary factors, i.e., Diversity, Inclusion and RAPID (acronym for significant factors of Senior Management/Top Leadership commitment). This has been depicted as a product since Diversity is meaningless if there is no Inclusion and support from the top. It also highlights the amplification aspect that emanates from the synergistic collaboration of all the three primary factors. Its mathematical version is as follows:

TRS = (D) * (I) * (RAPID)

D = Diversity = Sum of all scores pertaining to significant factors impacting Diversity

I = Inclusion = Sum of all scores pertaining to significant factors impacting Inclusion

RAPID = Sum of all scores pertaining to significant factors of Senior Management/Top Leadership commitment, i.e., R = Judicious Allocation of Necessary Resources, P = Passionately Discernible Advocacy for Diversity & Inclusion, A = Aligned Behavior for Reinforcing Personal Engagement, I = Invigorating Leadership for Employee Morale & Motivation, D = Dogged Focus on Achieving Success

The significant factors impacting Diversity and Inclusion are given in the following table:





Lets measure each of the aforementioned significant factors by using a scale from 1 to 5, where:

1 = Need to Revive, 2 = Some Signs of Life, 3 = Getting Warmer, 4 = Feeling Good, 5 = Delightful!

The maximum score for Diversity (D) is: 30 * 5 = 150

The maximum score for Inclusion (I) is: 30 * 5 = 150

The maximum score for RAPID is: 5 * 5 = 25

The maximum Rainbow Score is: 150 * 150 * 25 = 562500 or 100%

Convert your organization’s TRS score to the nearest percentage whole number and use the following Rainbow table to see where your organization’s current status is with respect to the success of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives:


The aforementioned exercise should be carried out by an authorized representative of the Senior Management/Top Leadership and given full authority, assistance and access for coming up with the respective metric. Subsequently, he/she should prepare a report with insightful recommendations for the Senior Management/Top Leadership to examine the status quo and decide on a suitable course of action for the foreseeable future. One of the forums for examining and adjudicating on such a report can be the periodic Senior Corporate Management (SCM) meeting.

Additionally, The Rainbow Score (TRS) can also be harnessed for deployment of several prominent strategic tools, e.g., The Balanced Scorecard, The McKinsey 7S Framework, SWOT Analysis, Mintzberg’s 5Ps of Strategy, Weisbord’s Six-Box Model, Blue Ocean Strategy, etc., and for improving the Triple Bottom Line (TBL/3BL).

Parting Thoughts

Diversity and Inclusion are strategic imperatives that embellish an organization’s core competencies. Astuteness is required in the development and deployment of relevant initiatives to complement a robust management system that can resist the temptations of apathy, complacency and delusion in good times while buffering against confusion, desperation and bottlenecks in bad times. Here’s to your success!

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