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How to manage health and safety when you work on the road

Driver health and safety is essential not just for individual employees but also for other drivers, pedestrians and the business’ reputation. Here’s how companies can manage the health and safety of workers when they’re on the road.

Article by 24 April 2023


Do we know the cost of sick days?

What causes or contributes to sickness absence is a key question to understanding the reasons for absence? The answer is very few organisations know and to reduce the risk of ill health provide a range of health benefits to support employees and address the risks – but do benefits such as a private healthcare plans, EAP, sick pay etc., really help?

Article by 28 February 2023


What WHO mental health guidelines mean for HRDs

There needs to a recognition of the basic role of workplace relationships in determining how the typical ups and downs of any job affect people. In a toxic workplace, any kind of challenge, any disappointment, a clash in personalities or minor disagreement, becomes exaggerated. Problems snowball. Better mental health in the workplace is built on good conversations, on the trust and confidence people have in each other.

Article by 25 November 2022


Can the four day week put an end to burnout?

The four day week will certainly improve satisfaction levels for a proportion of the workforce, provide more of a release valve for pressures. But more time off is not going to be the simple answer to the UK’s challenges around stress and mental ill-health.

Article by 27 September 2022


Is unhappiness in organizations contagious?

Companies need to not be just concerned with their culture but on a deeper level look at how new and existing employees feel. Feelings of discontent can spread and damage positive company cultures if the issues go unaddressed.

Article by 21 June 2022


How to create inclusive development programmes

The people we are delivering our programmes to are the most important aspect of the experience. However, we can often get caught up focusing on the content, the look of our training and how we will deliver it that we don’t truly think about how it will land with the audience. 

Article by 2 May 2022


Is it time for WFTO* to trump WFH?

WFH, of course, has its place. It can ideally suit, for instance, people whose main function is writing reports. But in an environment such as ours, where drawings and designs need inspiration as well as expertise, collaboration is a vital part of the mix.

Article by 16 April 2022


A Multidimensional Overview of AI as an Effective Catalyst for Workplace Wellness (The Humane Side of Leveraging Technology)

The conventional notion of workplace wellness used to be associated with the maintenance of a positive corporate culture, based upon shared values, that was exuded by effervescent employees as they displayed the ‘right’ traits for ensuring a ‘happy’ work environment. However, such an approach glaringly marginalized the ‘baggage’ that employees brought from home that naggingly lingered in their minds while they ‘wore’ their ‘professional’ smiles as emblems of a ‘satisfied and content’ workforce within a ‘progressive’ organization. Their internal battles did not even register on the ‘Employee Satisfaction Surveys’ that routinely depicted a ‘highly motivated’ workforce to satisfy the relevant analytics on a ‘flashy’ dashboard designed to curate the desired information for the senior/top management. Consequently, the ‘shallowness’ of such measures left majority of the organizations unprepared when the COVID-19 pandemic hit with full force and the survival of the organization as a ‘going concern’ became the most important factor.

Article by 4 January 2022