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Are empty nesters a flight risk?

The transition could also trigger the exit of experienced employees from organisations – potentially a disaster for HR teams who are already facing talent management and succession planning challenges. Yet there are few initiatives directly supporting this demographic, begging the question, how can businesses keep empty nesters engaged?

Article by 19 October 2021


Wellbeing & Performance – 5 tips to help your people thrive.

As more and more organisations are realising the long term benefits of wellbeing investment there’s still many businesses out there lagging behind. We’re often challenged by old school mentalities that either don’t get it or they are just to “Manly” to admit that some people need more support. As a wellbeing provider one of my key roles is to take the non believers and persuade them that looking after their people will both benefit themselves and the organisations.

Article by 12 March 2020


Vision & Purpose the heartbeat of an organisation

Organisations used to talk about mission and vision, today we talk about purpose and vision, but what are they? Are they innately different? And why is it that some organisations find it hard to align these two concepts?

Article by 11 October 2018


The importance of embedding values into everyday behaviour

To make values live, breathe and stick, they need to be practised and visible in everything we say and do – formal and informal. They need to be meaningful and embedded into everyday behaviours. Mapping desired behaviours to your vision, purpose and values is fundamental to improving performance – it gives everything meaning. But how do you approach this? A good starting point is to identify what ‘good looks like’ and using this as a basis to develop a behaviours framework that works across all levels of the organisation and makes sense to everyone.

Article by 7 February 2018