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4 ways Turkish language training improves your HR strategies

In this modern era, the workforce has become increasingly diverse, thanks to the role technology plays in enhancing globalization. The Internet has opened up avenues for people to explore business and job opportunities in other countries, transcending borders and bridging cultural gaps.

Article by 22 May 2023


Why is nondiscrimination important for federal Contractors?

When it comes to nondiscrimination programs for federal employees, it’s easy to think that all workers receive uniform levels of nondiscrimination training. However, that is simply not the case. In his article Matt explains Why Nondiscrimination is Important for Federal Contractors?and How Federal Contractor Employers Can Properly Implement Nondiscrimination Training.

Article by 29 November 2022


Why bosses should invest in training and development

Today it feels like change is the only constant that you can rely on. Brexit, digital transformation, industry 4.0 and a changing make-up of the workforce, it’s no surprise that resilience has never been higher on the boardroom agenda. Retaining and upskilling employees in the next few months may well prove critical to business success.

Article by 6 October 2019