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Contributing a ‘Promoted’ article to theHRDIRECTOR online

If you would like to guarantee your article is published on our website & online platforms and that it includes Backlinks, your logo and URL, we now offer a small amount of ‘promoted’ articles which equates to 20% of the overall content we publish – online only. Please note that ALL ‘Promoted’ articles will be approved by our Editorial Team, to ensure they adhere to our high standards. If we feel any amendments are required, we will contact you directly to advise of any suggested changes.

Whilst we acknowledge that articles have a dual purpose – relevant and informative content for theHRDIRECTOR web platforms, and targeted exposure for the contributing author and organisation, please be aware that editorial which features marketing of product and services, and is full of organisation and product-related references including ‘call to actions’ will not be published. The reader will be far more impressed and interested in authors exercising their experience and knowledge, as well as the thought-process and strategy behind the products and services. We will be most grateful if you adhere to these guidelines and agree to uphold the standards described herein.

theHRDIRECTOR policy on editorial amends
When any article is sent to theHRDIRECTOR, before it is published on any of our platforms, it is subject to editing, which includes:

  1. A general review of the article to assess it for relevance to our subjects and of interest to our readers
  2. Analysis to make sure that the article is not; biased, unfair, libelous or salacious
  3. Proofing for typographical errors
  4. We will also take a call on the level of self-promotion and marketing of products and service
  5. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow any content associated with gambling, smoking or vaping.
  6. The article may also be subject to editing to fit format and style
  7. Suggested word count is 800-1,200

Legal content editorial note
We expect and rely upon our contributors of legal content to be accurate and we will endeavor not to edit any article in such a way that would change the meaning of the content. If we are ever uncertain about a point within legal content, we will always revert back to the content provider for clarification

Editorial policy
We reserve the right not to publish an article on any of our platforms, if it does not adhere to our policies or fails to meet criteria and standards.

Please some examples below of good practice for editorial online submissions:


Article Exposure

  • Backlinks (maximum of 3)
  • Published in either Features, News or Blogs section
  • Appears on Homepage
  • Article is permanent
  • Author Tag included – Article by: Name, Job Title, Company
  • Choose your ‘publish’ date
  • Published on Enewsletter ‘ebrief’ – sent to 8,700 emails
  • Published on App – over 5,000+ downloads
  • Posted on Social Media channels – over 140,000+ followers
  • Backlinks (maximum of 3)
  • URL included at the end of the article

PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow email ‘call to actions’.

Promoted Article = £250 per article
Discounts are available for multiple articles, so please contact us at: or call 01454 292063.

Please note: Full payment is required before any article will be published

Submit and pay for your ‘promoted article’ now which will be published within 48hrs – click here.

Read the latest digital issue of theHRDIRECTOR for FREE

Read the latest digital issue of theHRDIRECTOR for FREE