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HR Software: Revolutionise Your Workforce

Jessica Robinson
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HR software automates all the timely processes normally carried out by HR managers, reducing error and enabling you to focus more time on what really matters- the people! HR plays a huge part in changing and building the company culture. Effective HRM is crucial in order to develop an engaged and motivated workforce. Daily administrative tasks are a time of the past and if you are still spending hours filling out spreadsheets, it’s time to revolutionise the way you do HR.  

Since the global crisis, remote working has become mandatory for many. Although many offices and places of work are starting to open up again slowly, they are likely to operate at a much smaller capacity, so workers can keep a social distance. Some employees may decide they don’t feel comfortable returning back to the office yet, as they have adapted to remote work or some may feel anxious about keeping safe and prefer to stay at home, there are a list of reasons!

Let’s talk about how your company can save time on HR whilst managing employees from different locations, using a specialised HR software. 

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Remote work: motivate your employees’ from home
You may find it difficult to stay motivated when you aren’t surrounded by team members. Optimising your home office to keep work surroundings professional, is a great start to differentiate where you lie on the sofa watching tv from where you need to carry out projects and daily tasks! Further, with a more flexible work schedule, it’s harder for employers to track the amount of hours worked, know who is working when, what projects employees’ are focusing on at a certain time and communicate may suffer. 

The best way to monitor employees’ is by using a time tracking software. This way, employees can easily clock in and out from work in a simple click and managers can approve these hours at the end of the month. This is a great way to keep employees’ motivated so they can stick to a routine and also ensure they complete their hours.  During these difficult times, The company’s main priority should be to care for the wellbeing of its workers, because without happy workers, productivity will deteriorate. Factorial’s time tracking feature will facilitate this, whilst also giving employees’ freedom, without managers bombarding them with messages and emails all day.

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Summer holidays: book time off work quickly and easily
Summer is here and it’s no secret that now is the busiest time for people to go away or to book time off work! If you’re still using paper holiday request forms or emailing your managers about holidays, it’s likely the information isn’t recorded properly and may be forgotten about or lost.

A time off manager is the solution! Employees can book time off work using a specialised software. The employees’ manager will automatically receive a notification to approve or disapprove the holiday request. This allows for much quicker responses, which I’m sure is important if you’re eager to get away.  What’s more? All the information will be stored in one place and the workforce can view who will be in the office and when, on the company calendar. This will allow your company to prepare for any absences and ensure all the work is completed so holidays can be enjoyed properly, as they should! 

However, since flights are limited, people may decide they’d rather save for an extra special trip next year! Factorial’s leave management software allows managers to select the amount of days employees can accrue for the following year. Before selecting accrued holidays, make sure you know the company’s HR policy around this. 

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Digitise burdensome task with a HR software solution
By now, I’m sure you understand a couple of ways HR software can benefit your company, especially when working from home. However, companies can gain so much more by automating their processes, such as, performance management, HR reports and Analytics, Employee Onboarding, ATS, Payroll summary and more! Digitising HR, ensuring the HR software fits your company culture and values, will really help in the post Covid world and should definitely be worthy of consideration if you want to remain competitive.

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