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theHRDIRECTOR – October 2017 – Issue 156

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Synopsis – Issue 156 – October 2017

Succession planning
This issue we are exploring how recruiting with future leadership in mind needs to change and why tried and trusted retention methods are failing. Why are organisations still failing to achieve a diverse and inclusive balance in developing leaders? Plus will an over reliance on itinerant, gig worker specialists negatively impact on the crucial leadership knowledge within the organisation? Is flexible and remote working improving or eroding the employer/employee relationship and is this impacting on potential high achiever, future leader attrition? Furthermore, we want to turn the heat up on HR policies, frameworks and mechanisms that manage long-term leadership planning and smooth succession. Are firms achieving cohesive and effective rolling programmes of coaching and mentoring, to make sure that hand overs are comprehensive and ready-to-go? The above is just a steer, if you have other topics that you think are fundamental to succession planning in these challenging times, we’re keen to hear from you.

How is globalisation affecting HR management and how should HR adapt its processes, procedures, policies and training to support key role people seconded globally, to meet business needs and objectives? Does HR have the tools to provide the skills and competencies needed for globalisation, and how can key role people be developed to think globally and commercially? As businesses go further afield, HR has to overcome the challenge of exporting the common corporate cultures crucial to the organisation – in certain parts of the world – where people do not share the same values. So we will be interested to learn of the most effective platforms to prepare and develop international teams to be seconded to foreign assignments, so that they can hit the boards running, reach out locally, recruit and set up training effectively and quickly. All of these issues and more, we are keen to receive your synopsis on this business-critical subject.

Future proofing HR
“To future-proof HR, HR has to change”. It’s a statement that inevitably induces sagely nods. But the reality is – in modern times – HR has always been changing, which is why it has such a wide remit of responsibilities. The big question is, should it continue to change, or master and protect what it already does? As the HR role moves towards CRM, (Customer relationship management), how can HR most effectively maintain its linchpin position between employee engagement and client satisfaction, and exploit this essential relationship to the max, consistently? HR really must get to grips with technologies, both those that are now mainstays of the practise, such as data and analytics, and the digital realities that are part and parcel of the commercial imperative. But unquestionably the headline issue, talent and skills drought, is firmly in HR’s field of vision. If HR can take the lead in improving outcomes, it will singularly galvanise HR’s role as a key impactor on the business. Your most strategic and informative suggestions will be gratefully received.

Forward planning and future HR Business Strategy
Short term planning has become the order of the day for at least a decade now. But in a world of seismic change, where a 40 year marriage is about to end, any organisation that continues to play the short game will be rendered uncompetitive. HR stands at the vanguard of the business strategy and its planning has to align and reflect the precise business needs and objectives. A crucial element of business planning is an agile strategy, capable of turning on a Euro, and how effective and consistent HR is with its future policy planning, resourcing and capacity to achieve the critical skills for the business. The burning question, is HR confident that the significant body of big data can deliver a cast iron, reliable assessment of the true state of the organisation, in order to provide the critical information to formulate future business strategy? As with all our subjects this issue, we welcome your ideas for articles.

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