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When it comes to employee wellbeing variety really is the spice of life!  Many organisations miss the mark and don’t maximise engagement by simply limiting their range of services.  Usually due to a lack of budget and imagination.  Some of the most inclusive and engaging programmes cost the least, it just takes a little forethought.  One of my biggest frustrations in Employee Wellbeing is when organisations claim they don’t do anything because they don’t have a budget.  Obviously it’s always useful to have some funds available but even without a budget you can still implement a great culture and boost engagement.

Here are my top six tips to implementing a wellbeing culture.

1.Manager Training – Managers are key to the implementation of a wellbeing strategy.  If your managers don’t appreciate the business case it’s unlikely they’ll pass on information to their teams.  Empower them to support their team with practical tools and techniques.

2. Wellbeing Champions – My favourite aspect of Champions training is that it maximises the skills and interests of the people within the organisation.  It is a fantastic way to drive engagement while giving back to the people who want to make a difference.  Voluntary roles will develop employees both professionally and personally.

3. Clubs & Classes – Hosting a variety of clubs and classes within the workplace will allow your people to both engage with other employees and improve their physical and mental wellbeing.  These can also be co-ordinated and delivered by the Voluntary Wellbeing Champions.

4. Mini Health Checks – On-site health checks provide employees with an opportunity to attend a convenient one to one with a qualified health advisor.  These are often well attended due to the inconvenience of attending off site screens.

5. Challenges – Promoting workplace challenges are a great way to engage with large numbers on a budget.  These can range from a hydration challenges to counting daily steps challenge.

6. Annual Events – From Xmas parties to Three Peaks Walks a good event will bring people together.  These are a fantastic way to inject a little motivation and excitement into any workplace.

If done right, all of the above can be highly engaging and shouldn’t blow your budget.  My advice as always is to do your research, plan your programme for the whole year and make it fun!  If you would like to discuss future programmes I’m always happy to help.

Engage, Inspire & Create Positive Change – UK Wellbeing Coach

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