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Four ways remote working has improved company culture

Weronika Niemczyk, Chief People Officer at ABBYY, an intelligent automation company, discusses how company culture has changed: · Greater diversity: No longer restricted by geography, hiring managers could focus on finding candidates based on their skill set rather than their location. · A more innovative, 'people-first' approach to technology: At the start of the pandemic, a survey commissioned by ABBYY revealed that three-quarters (74 percent) of remote staff experienced challenges. Now 64% of company leaders have adopted new technologies to alleviate the stress of working remotely. · Greater flexibility: The focus is now on output rather than time spent at the office, and business leaders are starting to measure performance by output rather than the number of hours worked. It boils down to strong, effective management · Better employee development and engagement: Policy benefits have shifted to prioritising employees on an individual basis and to attract and retain talent, we need to show consideration for individual needs.

Article by 25 February 2023


Outsource your startup with dedicated team Ukraine

It can be tricky to create dedicated development teams to improve your startup but it does not mean that it is impossible. Learn how you can get the right remote team to improve your business when you check here.

Article by 5 December 2022


Why we need to tame the Wild West of hybrid working

During the pandemic, employers worked hard to create a world of work designed with collaboration, support and involvement in mind. Many also now have a working from home policy in place, but with these new-found freedoms comes a warning. Handled poorly, the new frontiers of work being created by hybrid and virtual offerings risk turning into a “Wild West” – uncharted and lawless.

Article by 8 April 2022


Why the future of remote working has arrived

Many companies have recently struggled urgently to transform large parts of their workforce into work-at-home employees. At the same time, these businesses and employees can seize an opportunity to improve. Done right, both people and companies can enjoy the benefits of a more flexible workforce for years in the future.

Article by 10 September 2021


Dress code discrimination in the workplace

The pandemic made most workplace dress codes redundant, as many staff swapped in-person meetings and business attire for video calls from the kitchen table in casual clothes.

Article by 9 September 2021


The extended manager’s guide for managing remote teams

F.A.Q How can I manage a remote team? Leverage technology to manage tasks, track productivity, enhance collaboration, share information, facilitate virtual meetings and ensure effective communication. Devise ways to make everyone feel like part of the team. What is team management? Coordinating a team of individuals to perform tasks that are geared towards achieving the set targets. How do I build a company culture while working remotely? Define the culture that you want and communicate it to your team. Lead your team by example in adopting the best practices towards a positive culture. How do I increase the productivity of a remote team? Encourage your remote team to stay focused, on task, on schedule, and focused. Empower your team with all they need for effective work. How do I become a team manager? Get the right training and acquire leadership skills such as listening, people, problem-solving, decision-making, and delegation skills among others. What is the difference between a remote team and a virtual team? Remote team – Team members work from different geographical locations but report to one manager. Virtual team – Members can be working remotely or in the same location, but report to different managers. How can I get a remote job? Find the right freelance job sites for your skills, create a profile and upload your resume, then start sending applications to employers looking for your skills.

Article by 8 June 2021


6 C’s for leading teams remotely

Over one year on, we are starting to emerge from the pandemic but remote working is here to stay, at least in some form. There is an expectation that particularly SME’s will look to cut overheads and with evidence that productivity does not suffer when working from home, we might find many businesses offloading large, expensive central office space in favour of a more blended approach of home working and keeping some physical space for larger meetings and collaboration. All this leads to a more permanent switch to remote working. Many leaders have had to step into remote leadership blindly. Even those managing others in different locations, were probably not prepared for doing that whilst two children where jostling for their attention on a Zoom call. This unexpected thrust into remote leadership has been a challenging experiment and below I have captured areas that have been helpful in meeting this new challenge.

Article by 23 March 2021


Balancing Covid-19 compliance and employee wellbeing

There has been a wealth of commentary and advice for employers about how to deal with employee anxiety surrounding a return to the workplace in the ‘post-COVID’ world. However, one issue has been overlooked: what about employees who want to return to the workplace, contrary to Government guidance?

Article by 18 February 2021


Planning, preparation and patience! – juggling home schooling and work

The third national Covid-19 lockdown has seen huge strains placed on working parents due to the Whitehall-led decision to once again close schools and most nurseries. It would be fair to say that the first school closures in March last year were uncertain and daunting for everyone, and this time round parents knew at little more about what to expect both in terms of demands on their time and support from school.

Article by 11 February 2021