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Cutting PR departments in redundancy rounds is false economy

Ironically though, at the very time when communication departments are most important, marketing and PR budgets are often slashed. While this response is perhaps understandable, every single organisation in the world relies on its reputation for success, so cutting PR during economic hardship is a false economy.

Article by 12 March 2023


­­Redundancy: A Guide for Employers

The impact of the pandemic on the economy is still being felt and understood. Despite positive recent signs in the UK employment market, there remains high levels of pessimism and uncertainty over jobs. An estimated one million workers remained on furlough at the end of the Government’s furlough scheme on 30th September 2021, whilst a recent report by Renovo suggested that seven in ten employers expect to make redundancies in the next year.

Article by 30 November 2021


This 2020 be a Role Model

I’ve worked in and outside of HR throughout my career and have at many times defended us to friends and people I meet around what HR is or isn’t. Last year as I saw more and more of my friends and HR colleagues go through difficulties within their careers, the news on organisations closing down and listening to everyone around me, I got thinking we really need to make a point in being the role model for organisations especially when things are tough.

Article by 18 February 2020