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Nick Hobden

The Government’s Good Work Plan

The Plan signals the Government’s intention to legislate in accordance with numerous recommendations originally made by the Taylor Review, which reviewed and critiqued the UK’s Modern Working Practices in 2017. The intention is that most of these changes will come in April 2020.

Article by 21 February 2019

Alison Hallett

Don’t get left behind – diversity and inclusion in the workplace

It’s no secret that diversity and inclusion are popular buzz words in today’s business world. It’s also well known that businesses with a healthy balance of gender, race and age are more likely to outperform their competitors. But how can they deliver effective diversity and inclusion schemes?

Article by 23 October 2018

Andy Gooday

How to negotiate an executive job offer

If you have recently run an executive search process, you will know that it’s likely that a fair amount of time will have been spent with your first choice candidate.  They will usually have been put through several interviews, one or two psychometric tests and maybe even have prepared a document or made a presentation. This will represent quite a strong level of commitment for someone who is probably quite time poor if they are currently working full time in another role.

Article by 6 June 2018

Andy Gooday

What role should psychometrics play in the recruitment process?

Over the last five years, psychometric testing has become a core part of the hiring process at all levels of recruitment. In fact, over three quarters of employers use psychometric testing alongside CVs, application forms and interviews. The technique is used to assess an individual’s specific aptitude and skill in areas such as potential, leadership, behavioural traits and more. They can also give a gauge of personality to ensure that the candidate would be the right “fit” for the organisation they are being recruited for.

Article by 11 May 2018



I recently read two interesting articles on the struggles of holding onto top industry talent. The first described how, in his first year of Presidency, Donald Trump had recorded the highest level of turnover in senior staff in the history of the White House. The second commented on a new report which found that two thirds of UK SMEs experience recruitment and retention difficulties.

Article by 16 April 2018

Chris Preston

Looking To Source Informed Candidates? Handle With Care…

The relationship between a company and a candidate is a lot like the dating industry, with the way in which we share information with potential recruits critical to not only attracting the best talent to our company but ensuring a fruitful, long-term relationship for everyone. All companies want the best candidates, however today’s strongest candidates have both the wherewithal, and the tools, to critically analyse organisations before they even get through the door.  This can be both a gift and a curse.

Article by 22 January 2018

Graham White

The Greatest Question Ever Asked?

Quite a few years ago I was interviewed for an HRD role in a very large multi-facetted organisation. The interview had all the potential to be uneventful. I could have written the script myself, very traditional organisation that saw little value in HR and yet felt obliged to fulfil its moral obligations and have a post holder sitting in the HR ivory tower. From the very outset the questions were not designed to ensure the panellists were properly informed of the capability of each applicant, nor was it designed to ensure they probed the alleged talent that sat before them. The questions were designed to let me and the rest of the applicant pool know how little the panel respected HR and to send a very strong message that the successful candidate need not think they were going to change anything around here unless this cadre of quasi inquisitionists allow it. The organisation might be required to have a senior HR presence and the role might come with the title director but any direction would require this group’s approval.

Article by 5 December 2017