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Role of AI in Recruitment For Accountants

AI is increasingly aiding recruitment in the accounting field. It automates tasks like resume screening, reduces biases in job postings, and enhances initial communication with applicants. AI's benefits include time savings, cost reduction, and predictive candidate analysis. However, flaws exist, like keyword reliance and impersonal touch. Balancing AI's advantages with human connection is essential amid a scarcity of accounting graduates.

Article by 7 September 2023


How can AI transform the recruitment process for HR?

“Artificial technology can create all the accounts the new hire will require, provide feedback on the training they undergo and suggest courses they could take to fill gaps in their knowledge.”

Article by 4 September 2023


The importance of screening to avoid illegal immigrant employment

In light of recent news announcing substantial fines for businesses employing illegal immigrants, it is evident that adherence to immigration regulations has never been more critical. The latest measure, a significant increase in fines for employing illegal migrants, reflects the government's commitment to curbing unlawful employment practices and reducing the allure of illegal immigration.

Article by 31 August 2023


How to overcome recruitment challenges to achieve net zero goals

Businesses looking to recruit in the renewable energy market must adopt a more flexible approach if they want to overcome the massive skills challenges in the short term. While it’s clear systemic change is fundamental to long-term progress, more immediate solutions are needed to help businesses fill the vacancies that are crucial to their own – and the UK’s - net zero agenda. Energy recruitment specialists at the Jonathan Lee Group have been drawing on the company’s 45 years of experience to explore measures that can be taken by managers, HR teams, CEOs, and green start-ups right now to tackle the skills shortage.

Article by 17 August 2023


Don’t ask applicants for their social media passwords

Should human resource departments try to gain access to private socials? Screening someone’s digital life during hiring is common, but particular methods may bring legal and ethical concerns. There are many reasons why a company shouldn’t ask applicants for their social media passwords. 

Article by 18 July 2023


Four ways to identify and engage the best talent

Employing effective talent acquisition strategies is essential for organisations seeking to tap into a vast pool of highly qualified candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also align with the company's core values and long-term objectives. To achieve this, merely posting job openings and passively waiting for applicants is insufficient. Instead, organisations need to adopt a proactive approach that encompasses a diverse range of channels, techniques, and tools.

Article by 13 July 2023


Competencies trump education now in recruitment

What are the most important sections on your CV or resumé? Most people may say their education and work experience. The received wisdom is hiring managers are impressed by a degree from a prestigious university and a track record of jobs in blue chip companies.

Article by 8 July 2023


Are employers facing up to the second job surge?

Financial pressures are increasingly pushing employees into second jobs. Susie Thomson, MD at Security Watchdog, looks at the growing trend and how it should be handled by employers. Partly driven by the cost-of-living crisis, employers are coming up against a growing business challenge that also presents them with a tricky moral dilemma. And it’s an issue that’s off many HR directors’ radars. Hints of an emerging trend surfaced late last year when a survey of 1,000 UK workers by Qualtrics found a third (34%) had looked for a second job to combat the impact of rising prices on their lifestyle, while 15% were planning to do so. A Royal London survey of 4,000 UK adults backed up these findings revealing that 5.2 million workers had taken second jobs, with 10 million considering following suit. Fast forward to late May 2023, and new research by Deloitte has proven the trend is continuing – and on a global scale. The survey of 14,483 Gen Zs and 8,373 Millennials spanning 44 countries found almost half (46%) of the former have either a full or part-time job in addition to a main one, compared to more than a third (37%) of the latter.

Article by 11 June 2023


Five top mobile recruiting strategies for 2023

Mobile recruiting is now the current trend in employee recruitment. A few years back, we considered it the future of talent acquisition, but things have evolved, and that future we anticipated is here now.

Article by 17 May 2023