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Could Tik Tok be the future of recruitment?

Article by Shivani Ekkanath

Millennials and Gen Z face the disproportionate burden of uncertainty and unpredictability of their pandemic. After graduating with crisp and immaculate suits, dresses, and gowns and throwing their graduation caps into the air, the pandemic is indeed eroding their bulletproof sense of self and purpose as the job market and search remains precarious.

“Millennials and Gen Z are becoming the largest demographic in the workforce as Baby Boomers start to retire,” said Natasha Makovora, a recruitment marketing specialist at The Employer Brand Shop.”It’s not always, ‘Come join our organization,'” Makovora said. “It’s actually a bit more subtle.”

Apart from being an app that showcases funky dance moves from Gen Zers, memorable idiosyncrasies, antiques and life hacks, and the constant and perpetual outpouring of celebrity gossip and drama, could Tik Tok also be the future of job recruitment to reach and tap into the potential of young job seekers.

The video-sharing app remains the fastest growing app in the market and continues to retain this position. It is growing increasingly popular with employers and job recruiters in the search for new talent, especially during the time of COVID-19. With over 80 percent of Tik Tok users reporting that they used the app more during the pandemic, the platform is propelling recruiters and giving them the imminent possibility to tap into new talent and potential in the market.

Among the 100 million or so users in the United States, 62 percent of Tik Tok users are under the age of 29 according to Statista. This makes the platform a bustling online hub for millennials from a wide array of different talents and backgrounds.

Tik Tok As A Technique For Recruitment Marketing
As Tik Tok continues to live up to its hype and reputation of being the latest hot new social media platform, it is opening up a host of opportunities to recruiters today. As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world today, Tik Tok can be used to boost employer brands.

Owing to the pandemic, many employees and companies have imposed hiring caps and freezes on many positions. Yet, Tik Tok provides a creative and innovative new channel to experiment.

Companies and recruiters can promote mentorship, fellowship, and intern programs. For example, the Washington Post used Tik Tok to publicize its intern program by using humor to provide prospective candidates with further insight into company culture and experiences while encouraging them to apply to the program. Companies such as Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Macy’s.

Back in 2019, German Municipal Hospital, Klinikum Dortmund, used Tik Tok to recruit nurses, especially during a time when Germany was experiencing a short supply of nurses and other skilled healthcare labor. These digital initiatives helped counteract some of these problems and built the hospital’s social media presence online.

Embracing The Tik Tok Community
Many content creators are taking to Tik Tok to help educate and inspire Gen Zets during the stressful time of finding a job and carving out a path in life, especially in the unprecedented and uncertain times that we live in.

HireBee was given the opportunity to speak to fellow lifestyle and college Tik Toker, Angelica Song, a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley due to start a job as an incoming product and marketing associate at Google.

“As a Korean-American woman in tech, it is extremely important to me that I make content that does not gatekeep any secrets and tips of becoming where I am today and beyond. That is why I created my content in the first place. It was to share tips and tricks as a college student and that resonated with people.’’

‘’In the business aspect of what I do, I’ve built an amazing network of girls who are so supportive and we all help each other out with brand deals and rates and beyond. We love transparency, and at the end of the day, we love helping each other get that coin!’’ explains. Angelica Song has acquired a massive following of over 130,000 on Tik Tok through her college advice, job, and internships, and other sponsored content.

Candidate Outreach
Moreover, given the sheer scale of activity and the diverse voices on Tik Tok, many recruiters are even finding content creators with an eye for the positions they want to see filled in their companies. Young people can use the platform to put themselves out there and channel their creativity, passion, and drive.

“If you’re ambitious in any regard, TikTok gives people on a global scale the opportunity to see what you could offer companies or people,” said Claude Oulette in an interview with REWIRE magazine. Oulette was hired by The Addictions Academy as a teacher when they came across her inspiring content on Tik Tok where she chronicles her life after prison and stories of self-growth and discovery.

Tik Tok is proving to be a great tool for recruiters in more “creative industries’’ such as arts, entertainment, marketing, and social media. It can be a great insight into the creative processes and minds of an individual which can be immensely beneficial to recruiters while making key hiring decisions.

Overall, Tik Tok has become the latest weapon in the recruitment arsenal today. It is proving to be a great way to enhance the candidate experience and even humanize a company’s image and reputation. It is important to put the spotlight and work hard for identifying and sourcing talented candidates. As the global war for talent continues to impact recruiters and employees today, it remains imperative that they are able to reach the best and brightest.

    Shivani is an aspiring journalist and rising senior studying politics and global studies at UC Berkeley. She's also a content strategist at and writes actively about recruitment and HR-tech.

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