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Working under pressure has become imperative now-a-days. Every organisation today expects employees to be able to work under pressure, to be multi-tasking, not to be complaining about excessive & varied workloads.

It is not so easy to come across people ready to be working under the shortest possible deadline imposed with multiple task, but as it is demanding, let’s see what benefits it entails:

Self-enriching: The best reward is the feeling of enrichment & achievement which is motivating. When an employee performs multiple tasks within less than expected time, it gives a sense of achievement, this feeling fosters a good feeling that “Yes! I can do it!”

Open to challenge: initially many of us face the fear of not being able to be smart enough to complete multi-tasking in a shorter time. But once someone gets successful in achieving the art of working at multiple assignments in a given time, it makes employees more open to new challenges and nothing seems any longer difficult to achieve.

Decreases unnecessary tension: when deadline approaches, work related stress goes higher & it affects the productivity. The feeling appears – “what if I cannot meet the deadline!” So when the ability grows to maintain multipurpose at work, workloads with less time fails to scare employees.

Confidence booster: attending meetings, recalling the agendas, preparing reports, going for a field survey, presenting ideas are some activities that employees go through irrespective of industry. Performing these simultaneously and being successful works as a confidence booster. This confidence makes participation in any challenging work easy.

Increases adaptability: it says in this world, only one thing is constant & that is “change!” so today or tomorrow people have to get adapted with the change. There are just no two opinions on this. Nobody knows what tomorrow might bring. Working under heavy pressure is a fine indication that we are able to tackle it. We are confident to face situation which might not be in our favor. This adaptability will create the road to success gradually.

Specially recognised: organisations get to spot those performers who stand out in the crowd. They are treated with special consideration & for this ability; these performers can claim better facilities as well.

The situation around us is changing, people have to be more responsive, have to think about multiple dimensions and effects of work. Linear tasking is a luxury, parallel tasking is the new demand. The ones who will be able to perform multiple works maintaining very strict deadline will hit the road to success as the world demands for efficiency.

Abu Md. Abdullah, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business Administration in Eastern University in Dhaka.

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