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The smallest performance improvements can lead to business ‘Gold’

It is shocking to realise how far the UK is behind its European counterparts regarding productivity, with output during the past decade being its lowest since the 1820s. Recent findings from the Office for National Statistics got me thinking about the potential causes of this slowdown, which are still not entirely understood and could be caused by any one of a number of complex issues – the working environment, culture, training and the technology tools businesses have available, for example. 

Article by 9 May 2018

Paul Avis

Solving the productivity puzzle

At an economic level, productivity is a major issue for the UK Government. Workers are no more productive now than they were on the eve of the financial crisis and there is a productivity gap of 16% when comparing the UK to the other six members of the G7 group of industrial nations. Productivity at an individual employee level is no less important. UK businesses that improve the productivity of their staff are likely to have greater profitability as well as happier and more fulfilled, engaged staff.

Article by 19 March 2018