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Embracing agile performance management

Embrace the future of performance management, Discover how Agile methods are revolutionizing workplace dynamics. From continuous feedback loops to personalized care and development. This article explores strategies to meet the needs of changing and evolving workforce dynamics. #Futureofwork #PerformanceManagement #Agilepeformance #Employeedevelopment

Article by 29 August 2023


The 5Q Approach to Achieving High Performance in the Digital Age

Relevancy in the Digital Age is fraught with uncertainties and organizations often struggle with the conundrum of High Performance in order to maintain their competitive stature.  The specter of being ‘outmaneuvered’ by wily competitors and/or being ‘blindsided’ by savvy disruptors is a nagging concern for progressive organizations that are well-aware of the steep price for chronic complacency and shallow resilience.  This often manifests in the form of ‘corporate exhaustion’ resulting from constant vigilance to stay ahead of the evolving nature of the fickle markets driven by increasingly fastidious stakeholders.

Article by 1 July 2022


How to be part of the performance revolution?

A striking finding from the research was how levels of customer satisfaction enjoyed by Top Employers in the UK were increasing in spite of the Covid-19 crisis, and the disruption and adversity created. Two-thirds reported increases in customer satisfaction levels, with only 1% reporting a decrease over the same period. 68% reported improved revenue growth (compared with 61% the previous year) and 56% a hike in profitability (up from 49% in 2019).

Article by 28 May 2021


Building Performance and Capability

Performance management should enable performance and build capability. When it is done well, it has the potential to positively influence culture, employee engagement and organisational effectiveness. Until recently, performance management had a poor reputation, but in recent years many organisations have made a positive shift in performance management mindset and approach. Whilst the changes are welcome and encouraging, there is a risk that we repeat history by falling into the trap of applying performance management in the same impersonal and generic way.

Article by 19 January 2021


Why there needs to be an I in Team

I first heard the phrase “there is no I in TEAM” during my graduate training. The sentiment has followed me throughout my career, popping up in presentations and training sessions. Whilst well intentioned, I think at best its misguided and at worst altogether wrong. A quick internet search tells us that whilst the precise origins of the phrase are unclear it first appeared in newspaper print in the early 1960s. It’s likely that it had its roots in sports, where there is a mantra that there is no one player that is bigger than the team.

Article by 15 December 2020


The Performance Management Revolution

As we begin to re-imagine a new, better normal and assess how work evolution has been accelerated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many of the traditional foundations on which employment have been based for generations, look medieval and none more-so than the cornerstone of Performance Management, the dreaded annual performance review. Clearly it has no place in the present and future frame and arguably, was never fit for purpose. Few would argue that performance reviews were anything other than an anathema to the spirit of creativity and collaboration. But by far the greatest negative of annual reviews was the blunt instrument of either financial rewards for positive or punitive action for negative. In the evolving world of collaborative effort and knowledge share, the reality is that contribution is far more complex, nuanced and discretionary.

Article by 24 September 2020


How to say thank you and drive business performance

Every human being has a fundamental need to feel valued. Feeling that we have value goes part way to building a sense of purpose in life. Without a purpose, it’s very difficult to find motivation. It’s certainly hard to be engaged in anything if we don’t feel valued by those around us. As a leader or manager, if you behave in a way that values others, you’ll unlock amazing engagement and performance levels and people will do things you never imagined possible.

Article by 14 March 2019


Songs of (ap)prais(al)

Hardly a week goes by without another article about how performance management is changing and how the annual appraisal is dead. Indeed, I blogged about my own thoughts on this around a year ago.

Article by 6 July 2017