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Engaging young people to tackle the pensions and climate crises

How many times do you think your employees have thought about their pension this week? I’m guessing most haven’t given it a thought once.  They may well have checked their bank accounts on their phone in the last 24 hours, but I bet they haven’t checked their pension online. Perhaps they can’t do that, even if they wanted to. The fact is that for the majority of people pensions just don’t feature in their everyday thinking and they’re certainly not viewed as an issue to worry about – especially if you’re young. The economy (52%), health (46%) and the environment (40%) are the three areas 18-24-year-olds care the most about. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is hardly surprising that the economy and health are seen as the most important issues, however, the environment still factors highly on the chart. So why is it that, as a society, we are failing to see the significance of pensions and their impact on creating a sustainable future? At Cushon, we see great potential in getting more people engaged with their finances from the moment they begin working and see the value in talking about the inextricable link between pensions and climate change.

Article by 7 April 2021


Why an industry wide pension scheme is a good idea

The face of pensions is changing as the world of work undergoes seismic upheavals and mounting uncertainty. Final salary schemes with their promise of retirement certainty are now all but closed, but not before the mistrust created by a number of high profile negligent and criminal mismanagement cases rocked the reputation of pensions as a whole. The move away from “a job for life” and an increasing emphasis on agile working has brought about more fluid, flexible staffing models. With people far more commonly advancing their careers - and even gaining continuity of employment - by moving from role to role, it makes sense to gear pension delivery to increased staff mobility.

Article by 18 April 2019


More than just a tick box exercise? – Workplace Pensions

April 2019 sees the amount of money employers and employees pay into workplace pensions rise in the latest round of auto-enrolment increases. Yet, in the rush to comply with workplace pension legislation, many employers haven’t considered the HR and commercial opportunities that pensions present. The benefits of having a good scheme in place are many including increased productivity employee retention.

Article by 22 March 2019