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Off-Payroll working: Are you taking reasonable care?

Implementing Off-Payroll is not difficult. The hard part is the status determinations, and everything else is admin. Many large firms have in-house expertise, have conducted considerable research and have a very good understanding of IR35 matters. They then choose an automated tool to supplement their own expertise and streamline their processes, having conducted considerable due-diligence.You can implement a process for Off-payroll working yourselves, meet reasonable care, and whilst some consultancy help at the start may be useful, you don’t need to pay ongoing consultancy fees once you’ve got your process in place.

Article by 14 December 2021


Off-Payroll working: Are you taking reasonable care?

It has been six months since the Off-Payroll legislation took effect in the private sector. One unfortunate observation is seeing some companies seeking to cross-sell their wares by leveraging the naivety of medium and large firms who have been tasked with the challenge of getting to grips with IR35 compliance. The reality is that in the complex world of IR35, someone who knows a little can come across as credible to someone who knows absolutely nothing – and this is where the cross-sellers have sought to enter the play to cross-sell their main game - be it insurance, a payroll service, or consultancy based billable hours.

Article by 29 October 2021


How to navigate global payroll through the challenges of Brexit

The impact of Brexit (the departure of the UK from the European Union) can be seen across many part of our working lives: European travel rules have changed and you will now need specific licenses and certificates for both imports and exports. Brexit has affected our digital footprint, too. You will now need specific clauses to transfer personal data between the EU and UK. As a business owner, your team will regularly handle confidential, personal data, most often through your payroll processes. Global payroll - an already complex process where teams will have to keep track of numerous data streams at any one time - has been hugely impacted by Brexit.

Article by 25 February 2021


Why Are Businesses Outsourcing Their Global Payroll?

For those with limited in-house resources and thus knowledge base, it is extremely important that when obtaining support from an external expert source, the providers being considered are very aware of the importance of compliant payroll. Not correctly following local legislation risks non-compliance, which can be costly in terms of corporate fines. Not least the impact of errors in salaries and wages on employees, especially with the increase in focus on employee satisfaction - minimising errors in salaries and wages, in turn minimises the potential for disgruntled employees.

Article by 23 April 2019