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Don’t underestimate adverse effects of poor tech tools on remote workforce

On average, employees across all working models are now expected to use around five different HR technologies in their role, so while remote workers are hit harder, all groups are suffering as a result of additional admin burden. With a quarter of HR budgets decreasing this year, the study suggests that organisations are wasting resources on a multitude of ineffective tools that many workers are choosing not to engage with. Remote workers, in particular, respond poorly to this plethora of ineffective tools; a quarter deciding not to adopt these technologies at all.

Contributor: Ivan Harding, CEO and Co-founder - Applaud | Published: 21 August 2023

Leave of absence: How much time off is too much?

To gain deeper insights into the experiences of employees taking time off work that isn’t for holiday or sickness, we quizzed over 1,000 UK office workers with the aim of uncovering their opinions on what they deem suitable reasons for having a day off work.

Contributor: Ally Boldan - instantprint | Published: 20 August 2023

HRs’ wellbeing yet to return to pre-pandemic levels

The wellbeing of HR professionals has yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, with UK HRs in particular lagging at times behind their global counterparts when coping with today’s challenging economic and operating conditions.

Contributor: Arne Sjostrom, lead people scientist - Culture Amp | Published: 17 August 2023

Employers urged not to neglect carers, ahead of new law

With the Carer’s Leave Bill receiving Royal Assent and due to become law in 2024, the Government has recognised the number of working carers who need support. Towergate Health & Protection is urging employers to act now to ensure they can deliver the changes and provide the necessary support for their employees who are carers.

Contributor: Debra Clark, head of wellbeing - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 26 July 2023

Less than half of employees disconnect completely while on holiday

With summer almost here, we asked employees how virtual work has changed holiday: their ability to take one, how they spend it, and whether they can truly leave work behind while they’re away. The answer: workplace flexibility is having a big impact on work life balance.

Contributor: Michelle Bonam - Ceridian | Published: 17 June 2023

Why the apathy towards quality of leadership?

A survey of more than 2,000 employees and business leaders has found a concerning trend; that one in ten people in the UK would be unwilling to question poor leadership in any scenario – including at times when they know about an abuse of power, micromanagement practices, or poor treatment of a fellow colleague in the workplace. If this attitude is present in business, it doesn’t bode well for politics either…. Furthermore, of the business leaders questioned for this survey, a similar number – one in ten – would not question their own leadership in any given scenario.

Contributor: Lorraine Mills, Principal Consultant - Right Management | Published: 30 May 2023

Almost half of U.K. employees find their work exhausting

"Leaders need to take an honest look at their culture to see whether their people have a good work-life balance, are regularly recognised, and feel part of a supportive and purpose-driven community."

Contributor: Robert Ordever, European MD - O.C. Tanner | Published: 6 May 2023

Is flexible working reducing spiking burnout?

Future Forum, a research consortium launched by Slack on the future of work, has released its latest global study of over 10,000 knowledge workers, revealing that burnout cases have spiked to their highest levels since 2021.

Contributor: Brian Elliott, Executive Leader - Future Forum | Published: 4 March 2023

Massive increase in side hustles in 2023

The latest findings from leading independent job board CV-Library reveal that 58.2% of UK workers are planning to take on a side hustle in 2023, driven by the twin priorities of job security (62%) and earning more money (38%).

Contributor: Kate Smith - CV-Library | Published: 1 March 2023