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Is flexible working reducing spiking burnout?

Future Forum, a research consortium launched by Slack on the future of work, has released its latest global study of over 10,000 knowledge workers, revealing that burnout cases have spiked to their highest levels since 2021.

Contributor: Brian Elliott, Executive Leader - Future Forum | Published: 4 March 2023

Massive increase in side hustles in 2023

The latest findings from leading independent job board CV-Library reveal that 58.2% of UK workers are planning to take on a side hustle in 2023, driven by the twin priorities of job security (62%) and earning more money (38%).

Contributor: Kate Smith - CV-Library | Published: 1 March 2023

Being a broker at work leads to burnout and abuse

Employees who act as brokers, i.e., they sustain communications between coworkers who do not communicate directly, are more likely to burn out and become abusive towards their co-workers, according to new research from ESMT Berlin.

Contributor: Peter Remon - Bluesky Education | Published: 16 February 2023

Majority of UK businesses still ill-equipped for hybrid working

UK businesses are firmly committed to a flexible working future but the majority are still in the planning stage of their hybrid working projects according to a new industry survey of contact centre industry professionals. 102 UK Contact Centre Directors and Managers took part in the online “How successfully has your contact centre embraced hybrid working?” market study conducted by Pitch Market Surveys in partnership with the Welsh Contact Centre Forum, homeworking specialist Sensée, and insight and action platform provider SuccessKPI.

Contributor: Michael Gray - Pitch Market Surveys | Published: 8 February 2023

Top tips to help new parents with their finances

Expecting a baby and planning maternity or parental leave is an exciting time, but it is also important to consider the financial impact that a new arrival can bring. As the cost of living crisis continues, it is now more important than ever that new parents understand how their finances will be affected and what actions they can take. WEALTH at work, a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist, highlights some top tips to help new parents stay in control of their finances:

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work | Published: 26 January 2023

How to reduce workloads

During Covid, we all grew used to the erosion of work-life boundaries and the 5% productivity increase. We do more, take on more, work more hours, deliver more. We burn out, we “burn-in”. We “engage” by suggesting doing more non-essential “relaxation” exercises which we join to be a team player. But the key to post-Covid engagement is conscious workload reduction, allowing the space for higher quality results, more creativity and the joy that comes with non-overload. Five ways to make this happen for teams.

Contributor: fiona passantino | Published: 14 January 2023

A work-from-home mental health pandemic is looming

Ahead of Blue Monday, I have survey results from South London Co-working brand HomeWork, which show that the homeworking dream isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be for many employees.

Contributor: Claire Tucker, Co-Founder of HomeWork Workspace | Published: 13 January 2023

One in three UK workers are currently quiet quitting

: One in three UK workers label themselves as quiet quitters, showing up to work with the purpose of doing no more than what's required to stay employed. That is according to new research from BetterUp, who analysed data from nearly 3,000 UK workers.

Contributor: Erin Eatough | Published: 18 December 2022

Burnout in tech professionals at crisis point

Despite many workplaces promoting an increased focus on mental health and employee wellbeing, new data has revealed that a significant number of Salesforce professionals are being overworked to the point of burnout.  

Contributor: Zoë Morris, President - Mason Frank International | Published: 18 November 2022