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“Join us as a partner to help shape the future of women in SEO” – women’s SEO community extends invite to businesses 

“We are excited to invite businesses to join us as partners in our SEO community,” said Areej AbuAli, Founder of Women in Tech SEO. “This partnership is an opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge, and help shape the future of women in SEO while gaining huge exposure within the community.”

Contributor: Areej AbuAli Women in Tech SEO | Published: 22 September 2023

Employees could be microchipped by 2030

Microchipping employees may be on the horizon, almost half of business leaders claim in a recent survey by Advanced. Are HR leaders equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that come with the “4th Industrial Revolution” of digital transformation?

Contributor: Alex Arundale, Chief People Officer - Advanced | Published: 25 August 2023

Concerns that EVPs ‘attract but don’t retain’ talent

Aon’s 2023 HR Future Focus Survey identified differences between what respondents say and how they actually feel. HR professionals also reported company benefits do not meet employee needs and that employees do not understand reward packages.

Contributor: Nathalie Hyatt, Strategy Principal, Health Solutions UK - Aon | Published: 14 August 2023

Is it time to implement AI ethical frameworks?

New survey data conducted by technology authority has revealed 68% of business leaders think it’s unethical for employees to use AI tools without the permission of a manager.

Contributor: Aaron Drapkin - | Published: 6 August 2023

Should humans always be involved in AI decision-making?

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of business leaders are feeling pressure to implement AI at their organisations, but the vast majority are wary of giving up too much decision-making power, according to a study by Workday, Inc., a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources.

Contributor: James Taylor - Workday | Published: 9 July 2023

The most misunderstood tech buzzwords – what do they mean?

Tech trends continue to emerge and shift at a rapid pace and new terms get introduced that not everyone will understand. To help with this, Mason Frank has collated the top five most searched-for tech buzzwords and what they mean.

Contributor: James Lloyd-Townshend, Mason Frank International | Published: 1 June 2023

Machine learning improves accuracy, but increases human workload too

New research from ESMT Berlin shows that utilizing machine-learning in the workplace always improves the accuracy of human decision-making, however, often it can also cause humans to exert more cognitive efforts when making decisions.

Contributor: Tamer Boyaci and Francis de Véricourt, professors of management science - ESMT Berlin | Published: 14 May 2023

Quarter of HR still relies on spreadsheets and emails

An HR industry technology and analytics gap is evident after a survey of CEOs and HR professionals - all in businesses with over 1000 people - shows that 1 in 4 say that spreadsheets and emails are key to their operations.

Contributor: Kay Phelps, Founder & CEO - PR in HR | Published: 2 April 2023