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UK tech companies now hiring at record levels

The top UK tech companies and startups continue to hire at record rates with a 128% increase in jobs on offer since September 2020, according to job sites and, making up 4,895 advertised vacancies.

Contributor: Vicky Vitkay, General Manager - Work in Startups | Published: 10 October 2021

Digital tool overload a rising threat to productivity is an ironic twist

In an ironic twist, an overload of digital tools designed to boost efficiency could be hindering workers’ productivity. That’s according to research from Personio, Europe’s leading HR software for SMEs, which finds that over a third of employees (37%) report that there are too many different digital tools to use, and 36% state that working across different tools disrupts their productive flow. 

Contributor: Hanno Renner, CEO - Personio | Published: 12 September 2021

HR increasingly turning to cloud-based tech

The increase in companies offering remote and hybrid working is leading to rising demand for HR cloud-based technology to ease the pressures on HR teams, says Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director at Activ Absence.

Contributor: Adrian Lewis, Director, Activ Absence | Published: 9 August 2021


As a new cohort of Generation Z prepares to enter the workforce, new research from Accenture reveals less than a quarter (24%) of young people are confident in securing a technology job, despite almost half (42%) believing there will be more jobs in technology because of COVID-19.

Contributor: Shaheen Sayed, Technology Lead in the UK & Ireland - Accenture team | Published: 8 August 2021

Data and analytics essential to retail’s post-covid bounceback

The majority (79%) of high street retailers are planning to implement more technology solutions this year as retail bosses rely more than ever on insights from their data, according to market research by the leading global software provider for the retail and hospitality sectors, Fourth.

Contributor: Sebastien Sepierre, MD EMEA 0 Fourth | Published: 29 July 2021

How is your boss spying on you

Worried that your boss might be monitoring you? New study reveal how much and the type of data you boss can collate using bossware.

Contributor: Andrew Fennell - StandOut CV | Published: 10 July 2021

Warnings issued as tech exodus looms

• Three fifths of tech workers (62%) have never felt more valued than during the pandemic. But, only one in three (29%) plan to stay in their current role, with Brexit widening the skills gap even further. As the tech sector bolsters the UK economy, CWJobs urges businesses to focus on digital skills by attracting, training and retraining tech talent for long-term recovery

Contributor: CWJobs | Published: 3 July 2021

Could the future of productivity be “hyper-personalisation”?

Recent research from Applaud, the workforce experience layer, has revealed that less than 10% of organisations offer hyper-personalised digital employee experiences. And only 27% of HR services can be consumer grade – this is having a significant impact on employee engagement.

Contributor: Ivan Harding, Co-Founder & CEO - Applaud | Published: 8 May 2021

Blockchain and HR: where next?

HR departments have been under significant pressure over the past 12 months, but have also had a unique opportunity to prove their true value in an organisation, as seen with the rise in HR leaders gaining a seat at the C-suite table.

Contributor: René Seifert, Co-head - | Published: 23 April 2021