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Ford adopts Body Tracking Technology

Technology typically used by the world’s top sport stars to raise their game, or ensure their signature skills are accurately replicated in leading video games, is now being used on an auto assembly line. Employees at Ford’s Valencia Engine Assembly Plant, in Spain, are using a special suit equipped with advanced body tracking technology.

Contributor: Javier Gisbert | Published: 5 August 2018

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One in three London start-ups suffer from shortage in tech talent

A new survey among more than 100 founders of London tech startups, conducted by Studio Graphene in partnership with City RoadCommunications, has revealed the main staffing challenges and concerns that are holding back London tech companies. It found that 33 percent of the founders believe there is a shortage of skilled tech workers in London.

Contributor: Dominic Pollard | Published: 18 June 2018

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Wearable tech is ‘doubled-edged sword’ for employers

The growing volume of data on employee performance and health held by employers could be subject to full disclosure during a legal action against the business. It can be compared to footage from CCTV or telematics data, which is already being used in court.

Contributor: Chris Murray | Published: 18 May 2018

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Smartphone dependency – it’s a thing

Workers in the meetings industry have revealed a heavy dependency on digital devices, claiming they would feel disconnected if they were denied access to them for just one day. Contributor David Chapple, Group Event Director - The Meetings Show. A survey* carried out by The Meetings Show found that 73 percent of meetings professionals would feel anxious if they didn't have access to their smartphone or another digital device for 24 hours, while 79 percent fear that not having a smartphone or laptop when out of the office for travel or meetings would have a negative impact on their job.

Contributor: David Chapple | Published: 16 May 2018


Quarter of employees lack the tech they need to do the job

Despite the evolving technological landscape and rise in flexible working Leesman data, released today, reveals that organisations are failing to get the basics right when it comes to providing the digital and virtual systems that support employees in their roles. A new data release analyses how organisations can better support employees.

Contributor: Tim Oldman | Published: 13 May 2018

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Chatbots – “human validation is key”

New research from text analytics specialists Warwick Analytics shows that 59 percent of businesses who have a chatbot are unsatisfied with its performance. 551 professionals involved in the development or management of chatbots were surveyed by Warwick Analytics.

Contributor: Dan Somers | Published: 7 April 2018


Where in the world are Women in tech fairing well in equality?

Portugal, The United States and Latvia offer the best opportunities for women in tech, with an industry gender pay gap around 6-7 percent less than the overall average wage gap in each country. The United States offers the highest wages to women working in tech, at £61,492 per annum, followed by Ireland (£42,996) and Switzerland (£41,911).

Contributor: Emma Tracey | Published: 31 March 2018

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So what are your tech developers really thinking?

Survey reveals only 11 percent of developers in the UK actively looking for jobs, exposing key challenges for companies looking to hire tech talent in a tough market. This year’s Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey is the largest ever, with over 100,000 developers responding worldwide.

Contributor: Joel Spolsky | Published: 16 March 2018

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Only ten percent of tech execs are Female

Analysis of nearly half a billion candidate profiles, Entelo found staggering gaps between the numbers and roles of women in tech vs. men, gaps that were consistent across the country. Further, the data showed a 50 percent drop in representation from women when comparing entry-level to executive roles within the technology industry.

Contributor: Yasmin Zarabi | Published: 13 March 2018

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The cost and time wasting of failing technology

According to new research from serviced office specialist Workthere, the average UK worker is wasting 50 hours a year as a result of failing technology in the office, which Workthere estimates could result in an £11 billion loss for UK businesses, based on employment data from the ONS*.

Contributor: Cal Lee | Published: 28 February 2018