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Pandemic is causing big spike in outplacements and job changes

New data from talent management experts, Right Management, shows that now more than ever, outplacement programmes are growing in importance for both employers and employees affected by the pandemic.

Contributor: Ian Symes, Global Brand Leader - Right Management | Published: 9 April 2021

Are you ready for off-payroll tax rules?

A survey conducted by IR35 Shield amongst 3000+ contractors has found that more than half of UK firms that hire contractors are yet to prepare for the Off-Payroll rules which come into effect in April 2021. The survey out today, entitled ‘IR35 Road Ahead’ also highlights the risks that hirers and recruitment agencies run by attempting to circumvent their compliance obligations, namely recruitment struggles, rising costs and damage to projects.

Contributor: Dave Chaplin, CEO - IR35 Shield | Published: 19 January 2021

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UK organisations still ‘learning in the dark’

Limited use of data to inform, optimise and measure impact of learning strategies. Business leaders and employees call for improved use of data and insight in learning and development to fix skills gaps and drive cultures of learnability.

Contributor: Dan Ferrandino | Published: 22 September 2019

Gig economy booms as war for digital talent intensifies

1.6 million1 (28 percent) UK businesses plan to hire temporary or contract staff in the next twelve months, as digitalisation and a lack of available talent creates critical skills gaps in the workplace. Technology is reshaping businesses; two in five UK organisations (38 percent) consider digitalisation to be the main evolving force in the workplace today.

Contributor: Matt Weston | Published: 15 November 2018

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UK sales force in crisis

According to a new report only 16 percent of sales leaders believe that they have the talent they need to succeed in the future. However, even with talent concerns widespread, strategies for identifying, recruiting, retaining, and enabling sales talent has remained stagnant.

Contributor: Seleste Lunsford | Published: 20 September 2018

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Recruiting and retaining top talent remains biggest HR challenge

In an environment plagued by skills shortages, finding and retaining talent remains the biggest HR challenge in 2018: half (51 percent) of HR managers say they struggle to find people with the right skills to do the job, according to a new survey. Adding to the pressure is an awareness that hiring the wrong external candidate now costs in the region of £17,000*.

Contributor: Amrit Saroya | Published: 7 September 2018

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Home-grown talent is on the rise

Businesses are increasingly becoming more strategic around how they attract, engage and retain top talent. And while client initiatives differ depending on individual business needs, there is one common theme: a greater emphasis on organisations ‘growing their own’ skilled workforces.

Contributor: Press Release | Published: 1 November 2017

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International talent is key to future of UK advertising

The proportion of the current advertising and marketing workforce in London that has migrated here from abroad in the last 12 months is three times higher than the corresponding figure in New York; and also higher than in Paris and Amsterdam. More than a third of this talent comes from within the EU, with many others arriving from the United States and Australia.

Contributor: James Murphy | Published: 24 October 2017

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Public sector losing talent in droves post IR35 tax reforms

The public sector has been decimated following the controversial IR35 tax reforms that came into effect earlier this year. 76 percent of departments have lost highly skilled contractors and 71 percent of projects have been delayed or cancelled. Comment Dave Chaplin, CEO and founder of ContractorCalculator.

Contributor: Dave Chaplin | Published: 5 September 2017