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Coronavirus crisis already hits SMEs with £277,000 costs

According to a landmark nationwide survey by Fiverr, the Coronavirus crisis has already cost UK SMEs an average £277,893 each - and 64% expect their revenues to decrease by half in coming months. And despite this, 68% are feeling more optimistic about remote working since Government social distancing measures have been in place.

Contributor: Liron Smadja, Director - Fiverr | Published: 7 May 2020

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SMEs are gunning for growth in 2019 

According to new research from business energy supplier, Opus Energy, Despite official figures from the ONS showing a decline in consumer spending throughout much of 2018, entrepreneurs remain optimistic for small business growth. 

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 14 February 2019

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AI will help SMEs compete with larger rivals

One in five (21 percent) medium-sized businesses in the UK believe that automation will help them compete with larger rivals, according to research from Centtrip. Seen as both a threat and opportunity, automation – the execution of a task or process without human assistance – is having a ripple effect across industries and companies.

Contributor: Brian Jamieson | Published: 15 November 2018

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Clamping down on late payment, the ‘scourge of the self-employed’

IPSE have welcomed new government proposals to ‘end the problem of late payments to small businesses’, saying it is especially relevant to the self-employed. IPSE research shows freelancers spend an average of 20 days a year chasing invoices for late payment. Almost half (43%) of freelancers have also done work they were never paid for.

Contributor: Andy Chamberlain | Published: 7 October 2018

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Almost all Small firms unprepared for GDPR

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) research, published today, shows that over a third (33 percent) of small businesses have not yet started preparing for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while a further third (35 percent) are only in the early stages of preparations.

Contributor: Mike Cherry | Published: 1 March 2018

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London SMEs struggle with productivity

SMEs in London are being forced to implement changes to help compete with the rest of the country, with employee well-being measures such as flexible working being the most popular tactic for nearly half (46%). Over a third (38%) are tackling the problem by paying employees above the average wage, while a similar number (36%) are offering incentives.

Contributor: Nikki Flanders | Published: 22 January 2018

Cost and red tape choking new SMEs

As rewarding as it is to run and grow a business, in the early stages, getting your idea off the ground can feel like an incredibly daunting prospect.

Contributor: Nikki Flanders | Published: 3 October 2017