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Businesses suffering due to lag in data skills training

A new research by  the analytics automation company Alteryx, has today revealed a  core discrepancy between the accelerated pace of digital transformation and the provision of the foundational skills needed to deliver it. Despite workers’ confidence in providing business value through their data skills, the research calls future digital competiveness into question due to stalled digital upskilling in recent months.

Contributor: Richard Timperlake, Senior Vice President, EMEA - Alteryx | Published: 16 October 2021

Female entrepreneurship is booming since pandemic

Coursera, Inc. (NYSE: COUR), one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, has released a new study that examines the pandemic’s impact on skills and learning trends among women. The Women and Skills Report compares pre-pandemic enrollment and performance data with trends observed on the Coursera platform since the onset of the pandemic through June 2021. Women in the UK are learning online at higher rates compared to pre-pandemic, representing 52% of new learners in 2021, up from 46% in 2019, according to Coursera data. This places the UK at 7th globally in terms of highest number of women learners, with more women also participating in certificate training programs aimed at entry-level digital jobs.

Contributor: Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO - Coursera | Published: 14 September 2021

SEO is the most desirable skill in marketing

Verblio’s 2021 digital agency survey provides a unique insight into the industry during the past year including content creation during Covid-19, the secrets of content success and hiring, skills and the most popular tools. Key findings include: Demand for content increased for 71% of agencies SEO is the most desirable skill in the industry 67% of agencies have hired during the pandemic, however 51% have struggled to find employees with the skills they need, 52% said that they have struggled to find contractors with the skills they need and 39% are concerned about a skills gap in the industry Asana is the top tool for content success in the industry 18% of marketers admit to buying links Agencies gained an average of 9 clients and lost just under 4 over the past year 75% expect continued growth into 2021 and beyond Blog posts (61%), landing pages (42%) and social media posts (35%) are the most profitable content types Social media posts (79%), email newsletters (65%) and outreach (27%) are the most popular promotion tactics Blog posts (61%), landing pages (47%) and video (43%) are the best content to invest in

Contributor: Steve Pockross, CEO - Verblio | Published: 17 August 2021

Older workers risk being ‘thrown on the scrap heap’ because of outdated skills

With many older workers made redundant by the pandemic[1], new findings from research by City & Guilds Group reveal that adults aged 55 and over are the at the highest risk of being left behind when it comes to formal workplace training – making their skillsets increasingly less relevant and individuals less employable.

Contributor: Kirstie Donnelly MBE, CEO - City & Guilds Group | Published: 2 August 2021

Major culture shift needed to solve growing skills shortages

Today, City & Guilds Group have launched new research which highlights existing and emerging mismatches between the skills workers possess and those that businesses need to succeed - findings in sync with yesterday’s Manpower UK survey which revealed that the proportion of employers struggling to fill certain skills had more than doubled from 35% in 2019 to 77% in 2021. City & Guilds’ Skills Index report (with findings from economists at Emsi) reveals that: Three in five (61%) of working age adults (more than 22 million people) don’t feel they’re equipped with all the skills they need over the next five years 56% of organisations face some kind of barrier to meeting their skills and talent needs when recruiting – with 28% citing the mismatch between the skills they need, and the skills people gain through school and education as a barrier. Yet, 30% (equivalent to 11 million people) have not received formal workplace training the last five years, and 64% haven’t in the past year City & Guilds is calling for individuals, education organisations, businesses and Government to adopt a more jobs and skills-first focused mentality when it comes to education and training off the back of these findings.

Contributor: Kirstie Donnelly MBE, CEO - City & Guilds Group | Published: 14 June 2021

Skills is the new currency for workforce transformation

Skills have become the new currency of workforce and talent strategies, as more than half of organisations that responded to the 2021 Mercer Global Talent Trends survey are targeting upskilling and reskilling of critical talent pools to drive workforce transformation

Contributor: Lisa Lyons and Kate Bravery - Mercer | Published: 12 April 2021

UK workers want an active role in digital transformation

We've heard a lot about how businesses have been affected by the pandemic but how exactly has it changed workers? In their new report, low-code provider Mendix found that employees are eager to learn digital skills, with 59% believing that expanding their digital skills would increase their success in their current role.

Contributor: Nick Ford, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing - Mendix | Published: 6 April 2021

Employers reveal top skills required for 2021

As the New Year gets underway, there is a renewed focus on skills and development within the world of work. However, according to new research from recruiting experts, Hays, the skills which organisations are most in need of and those which employees want to develop are different.

Contributor: Simon Winfield, Managing Director - Hays UK & Ireland | Published: 12 January 2021