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Recruiters still finding it difficult to hire

That’s according to latest data from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, The study, which surveyed 200 UK recruiters, found that there are a number of key areas that recruitment consultants are concerned about right now, including low budgets (38.2 percent)

Contributor: unknown | Published: 13 November 2019

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Struggle to fill vacancies continues 

The report, which compared data from Q1 2019 with the same period in 2018, also found that employers are attempting to pull out all the stops to entice workers out of their current jobs, as salaries increased by a 16.7 percent year-on-year.  

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 4 September 2019

What can be done to combat recruitment bias? 

Although very few of us would like to think that we might judge someone by their race or gender, to some degree, we all make decisions that are influenced by bias. This is because the majority of our decisions are the result of often unconscious thought processes, and recruitment is no different.

Contributor: James Meachin | Published: 9 May 2019

Time to ban the “do you have a criminal record” tickbox?

Job adverts for roles at Guidant Global do not ask about criminal convictions and clearly state that they recognise the value people with previous convictions can bring to society and an employer. Instead, candidates will be invited to declare their unspent convictions at the interview stage

Contributor: Charlotte Woodward | Published: 29 April 2019

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Generation Z drops out of recruitment

Almost one-in-five (18 percent) of Generation Z applicants are dropping out of the recruitment process, even after being offered a job. Whilst Millennials currently make up 40 percent of the UK workforce, Generation Z are now leaving education to begin their careers and will quickly take over the Millennial workforce population.

Contributor: Charles Hipps | Published: 17 December 2018

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Recruiters must act now to limit Brexit damage

With Brexit and its potential impact on Freedom of Movement just one of the hurdles agencies face in 2019, Engage Technology Partners, has called on recruiters to streamline their compliance checking and record keeping as a matter of urgency.

Contributor: Ben Wardleworth | Published: 13 December 2018

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Poor website tops list of turnoffs for millennial candidates

Millennials are currently big news for the recruitment industry - they have become the largest generation in the workforce. Millennials also prioritise job security above all else and are moving jobs less frequently than the generation before them. With unemployment at an all-time low, now is the time for recruiters to change tactics.

Contributor: Don Byrne | Published: 15 October 2018

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The staggering cost of failed hires

In independent research which was commissioned by peer-to-peer recruitment platform, AnyGood?, the vast majority (90 percent) of the 1000+ individuals surveyed stated that they believed recruiters were failing to match the right applicant with the right role. Juliet Eccleston, Co-Founder - AnyGood?

Contributor: Juliet Eccleston | Published: 25 September 2018

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Employers believe human touch still important in recruitment

Employers are increasingly using HR technology to help attract and hire the best talent. Despite the widespread adoption of these tools, many businesses leaders indicate they still want a human touch for critical moments during the recruitment process, according to a report.

Contributor: Michel Stokvis | Published: 11 September 2018

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Rogue recruitment agencies putting profit above professionalism

New research lifts the lid on recruitment’s shady practices - a major new independent survey of over 1000 UK jobseekers and employers has painted a troubling picture of an unregulated industry with no barrier to entry and wildly fluctuating service levels. Contributor Juliet Eccleston, Founder - AnyGood.

Contributor: Juliet Eccleston | Published: 24 August 2018