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Pension Dashboard consultation – how will the DWP respond? 

The Government still has to bring forward a Pensions Bill in order to make Pension Dashboards a reality. In the present political climate that means we shouldn’t take anything for granted until the scheme is actually up and running.”

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 5 April 2019

What ten years of Quantitative Easing has done to our pensions

Defined benefit pensions are looking rosier, aggregate shortfall has fallen to £23.1 billion from £204.7 billion… but it’s been a rocky ride, the shortfall grew as large as £413 billion despite increased contributions. Pension fund values have been rising

Contributor: Nathan Long | Published: 3 March 2019

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Can Pension Ombudsman’s new powers deliver? 

Responding to the Department for Work and Pensions consultation, which explores ways to facilitate early dispute resolution, Samantha Brown, pensions partner at Herbert Smith Freehills, argues in favour of the Ombudsman's representative having a role in dispute mediation.

Contributor: Samantha Brown | Published: 22 January 2019

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Struggling pensioners increasingly gambling on the stock market

In the six months to March 2018, sales of annuities worth between £10,000 and £30,000 were 26.8 percent down to 9,143 in just two years. Sales of annuities worth between £30,000 and £50,000 had also plummeted 27.7 percent to 6,243. 

Contributor: Steve Wilkie | Published: 11 January 2019

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Businesses fined for pension auto-enrolment errors rises 144 percent 

EMW says businesses were fined £42m in 2017/18 for pension auto enrolment errors, up more than threefold from £12.6m in 2016/17. EMW explains that the rise in the number of fines is partly due to the expansion of the auto enrolment pension regime to cover smaller businesses (fewer than 50 employees).

Contributor: Jon Taylor | Published: 10 January 2019

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Never mind the Brexit, here’s the pension strategy

Pension reform in recent years can be summed up as good progress but still lots to be done. We know a key to increasing contributions is good employee engagement; research has shown it is already possible to get over half of employees to increase their savings voluntarily, just by talking to them effectively.

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 28 December 2018

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Pensions – forget default pathways we need guidance pathways first

As the debate over default pathways at-retirement continues, please see comments below from Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director . “I find the idea of defaulting members into something without a positive choice being made extremely worrying for a number of reasons.”

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay | Published: 8 December 2018

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Pension for package of changes ahead of Budget

In this year’s budget we want to see changes that will benefit those who need most to boost their retirement savings and simplify the savings landscape, including a reform of pensions tax relief, the removal of the net pay anomaly, and the scrapping of the Lifetime ISA.

Contributor: Gregg McClymont | Published: 29 October 2018

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DB schemes need clearer frameworks

A raft of regulatory, competitive and market developments have drastically altered the environment for the trustees and sponsors of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, offering substantially more options for how to approach the “endgame” of running off the scheme and delivering pension promises to members.

Contributor: Dan Mikulskis | Published: 27 October 2018