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The rise of the “Familymoon” drives interest in Shared Parental Leave

The ‘familymoon’, an extended holiday of two weeks or more taken by new parents with their baby, is growing in popularity. Over a third (34 percent) of those surveyed say they’ve taken a ‘familymoon’1. A fifth (20 percent) would use their Shared Parental Leave to go travelling as a new family.

Contributor: Carolina Vicente | Published: 21 October 2018

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Breastfeeding Legislation Changing the Workplace in the US

Breastfeeding in the workplace has taken centre stage. From coast to coast, state lawmakers are passing legislation to protect breastfeeding mothers. New Jersey now recognises breastfeeding mothers as a protected class, while California’s state legislature will vote on a Lactation Accommodation Bill designed to enhance current workplace conditions for new mothers.

Contributor: Esther Kestenbaum | Published: 10 June 2018