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 How involved should employers be involved in employees’ lifestyle choices?

Seventy-one percent of respondents who said they felt uncomfortable wanted to keep a boundary between their personal and work lives, 37 percent said they didn’t understand why their employer should be involved in their lifestyle choices, and 34 percent said they feared it would create a ‘Big Brother’ culture.

Contributor: Mike Blake | Published: 24 March 2019

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London still most expensive location for rental accommodation in Europe

Rent for professionals in London is £3,693pm more expensive than the average in Europe. London rent (£5,398pm) is almost four times more expensive than the average rental locations in other major UK cities (£1,427pm). Dublin rental accommodation has entered the top 10 most expensive in Europe for the first time (£2,688pm).

Contributor: Alec Smith | Published: 22 January 2018