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Feedback you receive for new ideas at work has a hierarchy

Seniority enhances the effectiveness of constructive feedback in improving idea generation quality, finds new research from Vlerick Business School. Constructive feedback can help improve idea generation quality, whether by refining initial concepts, validating their potential, or inspiring creative improvements. But new research confirms that the effectiveness of constructive feedback increases the more senior the person giving it is in the organisation.

Contributor: Walter Van Dyck - Contributor | Published: 26 September 2023

From canoeists to healers, business leaders in 2023

Few could have predicted exactly how leaders and businesses would have to navigate themselves through tumultuous crisis after crisis over the last three years but what is emerging is a clear need for leaders and their teams to take some time to regroup, repair and regenerate. According to Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership, the leader that instigates the sometimes painful process of healing following a difficult period of time, is the one who can lead their team to health and growth.

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO - Serenity In Leadership | Published: 3 June 2023

Survey finds that only 14 percent of leaders are influential

Created by Judith Germain, the survey data was collected from leaders across a variety of sectors and countries. The survey included a series of multiple choice questions designed to measure influence based on 4 key categories: capability, decisiveness, power and impact. After completing the survey, respondents received a personalised report which provided them with their current score for each of these core leadership areas. 

Contributor: Judith Germain, Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership | Published: 17 May 2023

Cost of knee-jerk reaction and snap decisions revealed

Big businesses are making snap decisions that lead to outcomes they later regret, according to new research. 93% of business leaders say they’ve made decisions with cost cutting in mind, of which 38% regretted those decisions. The main reasons for this are the loss of talent they later realized they needed (24%), loss of employee engagement (24%), and the negative impact on operational efficiency and productivity (21%).

Contributor: Oliver Shaw, Chief Executive Officer - Orgvue | Published: 14 March 2023

Why is mistrust in leadership so high right now?

A new survey of over 3,000 UK workers has found that only 25% have ‘full trust’ in their company leadership. The survey, conducted by leading employee experience platform LumApps, found that distrust among employees towards leaders is rife

Contributor: Sean Winter, VP Strategy - LumApps | Published: 31 January 2023

How to hit refresh on employee mindset in 2023

Employment Hero's Alex Hattingh shares insights on the importance of changing working styles, alongside supporting employee wellbeing through various facets as businesses head into the new year with prospects and goals to achieve

Contributor: Alex Hattingh, Chief People Officer at Employment Hero | Published: 7 January 2023

Ten leadership trends for 2023

As we are met with the beginning of another new year, it is fair to say that the pressure of a looming recession is still evident. Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership believes that the best way to navigate such times is with good, healthy leadership. He presents 10 key leadership trends that are likely to be seen as helping businesses to not only survive, but also thrive in the year ahead.

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity in Leadership | Published: 5 January 2023

Is mental health the next pandemic?

With increasingly worrying figures surrounding mental health in the UK, is practicing empathy in the workplace the answer to combatting an evolving issue?

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO - Serenity in Leadership | Published: 17 October 2022

Queen Elizabeth II – 1926 – 2022

In remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, all of the team at theHRDIRECTOR would like to express our sincere condolences and best wishes to the Royal Family. While we should all rightly mourn her sad passing, we should also celebrate her extraordinary life, her unstinting service of 70 years as Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth and the incredible legacy she leaves behind.

Contributor: Jason Spiller - theHRDIRECTOR editor | Published: 17 September 2022

C-suite doesn’t understand that attraction and retention has changed

“Business leaders have to come to terms with what HR professionals already know: organisations must adapt to the new world of work if they want to attract, engage, and retain top talent,” says Dr. Baumgartner. “In a dispersed workforce, technology is a critical tool for building connection and belonging. Investing in the right technology at the right time is key to success in this new era of work.”

Contributor: Dr. Natalie Baumgartner - Chief Workforce Scientist | Published: 7 September 2022