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 ‘Range anxiety’ remains biggest turn-off for switching to EV,

Further good news is that 86 percent of motorists surveyed said that a ‘lack of clarity in terms of ownership implications as a company car driver’ is a thing of the past, and more than two thirds of drivers said that they had a good understanding of the costs and convenience of owning an EV. 

Contributor: Alison Bell | Published: 2 September 2019

Why men are at breaking point

New research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, reveals that men across the UK have reached breaking point in their careers, with six in ten (61 percent) wanting to quit their job because it’s affecting their mental health. 

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 1 September 2019

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 Blue Badge “fraud/misuse” review gives mixed messages

“Our Advice Service receives many questions about the use of Blue Badge parking from those who were not previously eligible to apply to the Scheme but who face significant barriers when parking or navigating getting out of a vehicle.

Contributor: Angela Matthews | Published: 27 July 2019

 Is your company glaucoma aware?

This Glaucoma Awareness Week Specsavers Corporate Eyecare is encouraging employers to provide regular eye tests for employees, to help with the early detection of the potentially life-changing condition. Glaucoma Awareness Week runs from 17 to 23 June 2019

Contributor: Jim Lythgow | Published: 21 July 2019

New NHS chief calls for new approaches to tackle services troubles

At the heart of this is the need to break down barriers and work collaboratively as the NHS moves to greater partnership and system working. This in turn will require a new kind of leadership – those who can reach out beyond traditional boundaries and work effectively with a range of local partners.

Contributor: Niall Dickson | Published: 9 July 2019

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UK “most obese nation in Western Europe”

Harvard Medical School in the US**** says that the reasons behind obesity are complex - from overeating high calorie foods, snacking, genetic and environmental influences - some starting in childhood.  Our modern lifestyle also has an adverse effect, for example, driving not walking, lack of exercise and sedentary snacking.

Contributor: Professor Smith | Published: 9 June 2019

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 Female firefighters at a high risk of post-traumatic stress disorder

The research also found that PTSD symptoms were more common among female firefighters, with one in five (20 percent) female firefighters indicating that they had experienced such symptoms, compared to one in eight (12 percent) male firefighters. 

Contributor: Professor Consuelo Arbona | Published: 7 May 2019

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Can escalating work age ill health ever be reversed?

Three-quarters of ill-health related productivity loss is due to factors which can be influenced and addressed through health and productivity management strategies. British businesses lose £81 billion per year as a result of employees’ ill-health, with 35.6 working days per employee, on average, lost due to ill-health related absence and presenteeism in 2018

Contributor: Neville Koopowitz | Published: 16 April 2019

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Diverse members in tech are experiencing discrimination and stress

Tech workforce as stressed as those in the NHS and 5x more depressed than the UK average. Although the industry has a higher proportion of neurodivergent people than the UK average, 24 percent feel negatively discriminated against.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 13 April 2019

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The irreparable eye damage of 24/seven screen time

British workers are spending 85 percent of their waking hours staring at screens. Nearly half (46 percent) of Brits admit that too much screen time during the day affects their sleep. The nation’s workers are jeopardising their sleep quality by spending 85 percent of their waking hours¹ staring at screens. 

Contributor: Sundeep Vaswani | Published: 11 April 2019