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The spiralling cost of alcohol, drugs and tobacco abuse

Employees who use drugs or misuse alcohol are more likely to take time off, display poor performance and their behaviour could increase the risk of accidents, all of which can result in increased costs and risks to business, particularly if roles involve machinery or are safety critical.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 27 May 2018

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Health or wealth – which would you choose

The questions we should be asking ourselves now to ensure a healthier and wealthier future. Over a quarter (26 percent) of British adults don’t look ahead in regards to their physical, mental and financial health and over a third (38 percent) say they have no vision of their future according to new research by insurance provider AXA.

Contributor: Chris Horlick | Published: 25 May 2018

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Employers urged not to forget wellbeing

Research shows investment in wellbeing improves motivation and performance. Britain’s manufacturers are being urged to grasp the opportunity of greater investment in the wellbeing of their workforce and reap significant rewards of improved productivity and performance, according to a major survey and study published today.

Contributor: Steve Jackson | Published: 21 May 2018

illegal drugs illegal drugs

One in ten suspect workplace colleagues are using illegal drugs

One in five don’t take any action if they suspect a friend, family member or colleague of using illegal drugs. Regional variations show that almost twice as many Londoners suspect colleagues of drug use compared to national average. New technology enables employers to screen employees using a simple fingerprint sweat test

Contributor: Paul Yates | Published: 20 May 2018

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Chained to our desks and no outdoor time

The study of 1,000 UK office workers found that almost 40 percent spend a maximum of just 15 minutes outside, excluding their commute to work, and an additional 22 percent spend a maximum of 30 minutes outside. This is even less than prisoners, who require ‘at least one hour of suitable exercise in the open air daily’, according to UN guidelines.

Contributor: Kenneth Freeman | Published: 20 May 2018

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“Complicated” English language tests impacting NHS resources

At a time when the NHS is facing an acute shortage of hospital doctors, there is an increasing reliance on overseas talent to help plug the gap. However, these much-needed medical professionals are facing a number of barriers which prevent them starting work in UK hospitals.

Contributor: Philip Braham | Published: 27 April 2018

duvet duvet

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep

Sleep is arguably the most important ingredient to a pleasant and productive day. A Sleep Council study has revealed that how you sleep usually varies quite a lot, depending on which industry you work in. As it turns out, people who work in HR sleep the best, with 12.9 percent claiming that they can get more than nine hours of sleep most of the time.

Contributor: Tracey Palethorpe | Published: 30 March 2018

eating disorders eating disorders

The impact of Eating disorders on the workplace

Monday 26th February marks the start of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Approximately 1.25 million people suffer from an eating disorder in the UK and the workplace can amplify these issues, particular during lunch hours or when employees bring in snacks to share with colleagues.

Contributor: Pat Ashworth | Published: 26 February 2018

brexit brexit

Could Brexit disrupt medical supplies?

The Alliance brings together the NHS, medical research, industry, patients and public health organisations to safeguard patients and the healthcare and research they rely on. Titled “Brexit and the impact on patient access to medicines and technologies”, it warns that unless a deal is reached medicines and medical technologies could be delayed or become unavailable to patients.

Contributor: Niall Dickson | Published: 4 February 2018

technology technology

Quarter of UK professionals don’t exercise at all

The benefits of regular exercise are indisputable, yet a third (31.6%) of UK professionals admit that they only exercise once or twice a week. What’s more, a worrying one in four (24%) confessed that they don’t exercise at all! That’s according to the latest study from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 2 February 2018