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Will new code of conduct on sexual harassment be helpful?

Sexual harassment has been outlawed in the workplace since 1975 when the Sex Discrimination Act was first introduced. It was refined by the Equality Act in 2010. It might have been expected that employers and employees ought to know what was expected in the workplace.

Contributor: David Scott | Published: 27 December 2018

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Google staff walkout over treatment of women

“The cases of sexual harassment at Google shine a spotlight on a wider problem women face in the workplace." Contributor Dr Dulini Fernando, Associate Professor - Warwick Business School. All the women I spoke to while researching sex-based harassment had suffered on some level, from sexist remarks to harassment during pregnancy and sexually motivated advances.

Contributor: Dulini Fernando | Published: 3 November 2018

sexual harassment sexual harassment

Sexual harassment – regulators need to take responsibilities more seriously

The Women and Equalities Committee wrote in July to ten regulatory and inspection bodies in sectors including healthcare, law, education and financial services, asking them to explain what they were doing to tackle workplace sexual harassment. Contributor Maria Miller MP, Chair - Women and Equalities Committee.

Contributor: Maria Miller MP | Published: 16 October 2018


Women and Equalities Committee report on sexual harassment released

The Women and Equalities Committee (a Parliamentary select committee) has published the results of its six-month long inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace and has set out a number of recommendations which it is calling on the Government to implement. 

Contributor: Graham Irons | Published: 1 August 2018

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Harassment recommendations, a step forward but more action needed

Recommendations by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) including outlawing non-disclosure agreements being implemented to prevent workers complaining of sexual harassment unless initiated by the employee making the complaint have been welcomed as a step forward by Unite the UK’s largest union.

Contributor: Siobhan Endean | Published: 6 April 2018

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Weinstein scandal fails to prompt radical overhaul of sexual misconduct policies

The fallout from the highly-publicised sexual harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein have failed to lead to a sweeping overhaul of harassment and sexual misconduct policies in the UK as organisations consider current policies to be adequate, a poll out today from ICSA: The Governance Institute and recruitment specialist The Core Partnership finds.

Contributor: Jon Moores | Published: 17 February 2018

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Half of all women have experienced sexual harassment at work

Fawcett Society looking into the UK's sex discrimination laws has called for a number of changes to the legal system, including strengthening the laws on sexual harassment at work to protect women from harassment by third parties and extending protection from pregnancy discrimination to 6 months after maternity leave ends.

Contributor: Emma O'Leary | Published: 27 January 2018