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Young people being alienated by graduate career promises

Young people are increasing leaving their jobs within the first 12 months of work. Meanwhile, employers feel hiring graduates is a ‘hit or miss” situation. These are the stark findings of research conducted by Magnet. me, UK’s biggest student and graduate careers site.

Contributor: Vincent Karremans | Published: 26 November 2017

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Grads fear Brexit and prefer Corbyn

Latest research insights1 from Reveals the views of the graduating students in 2017 on job prospects, Brexit and the 2017 UK General Election.

Contributor: Vincent Karremans | Published: 2 June 2017

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Why are more graduates looking to work in SMEs?

Students and graduates welcome the professional and social opportunities offered by working in small teams, reports a new survey. With comment from Jayne Rowley, Deputy Chief Executive at Prospects.

Contributor: Jayne Rowley | Published: 31 May 2017

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Graduate retention in decline

One in six drop out of graduate programmes. Retaining graduates is becoming increasingly difficult with employers typically losing 16 percent of their intake in the first two years, which is an increase on the 9 percent reported last year. Comment from Stephen Isherwood, Chief Executive of the AGR.

Contributor: Stephen Isherwood | Published: 25 May 2017

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Using Data & Psychometrics in Graduate Recruitment

Gillian Howarth, Resourcing Development Manager at John Lewis Partnership (JLP) demonstrates how historical application data has helped the retail giant – owners of John Lewis and Waitrose – to increase the diversity of its graduate intake, whilst also improving the calibre of candidates reaching assessment stage and helping to minimise graduate recruitment costs overall.

Contributor: Gillian Howarth | Published: 15 March 2017