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Government must focus on the self-employed in economy recovery

The Government’s new ‘Bytes and Mortar’ construction deal is welcome, but must be combined with greater support for construction sector contractors. The joint Government-industry deal is worth £420 million and aims to transform construction by investing in new technologies to increase productivity and build homes faster.

Contributor: Andy Chamberlain | Published: 8 July 2018

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Government must not “bury its head in the sand” over Universal Credit failure

The Government must urgently reconsider the rollout of Universal Credit (UC) and heed the growing warnings about the damage the policy has caused. Contributor Jordan Marshall, IPSE’s Policy Development Manager, commented IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed). 

Contributor: Jordan Marshall | Published: 7 July 2018

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Jury’s out over CEO pay ratio disclosure

Theresa May first announced the Government’s intention to require this disclosure back in 2016. Since then, there has been much debate about the benefits – if any – of such a disclosure, and its dangers: companies with highly-remunerated staff, those which have chosen not to manufacture goods in the UK, or those which contract-out many services, will fare better than others.

Contributor: Alex Beidas | Published: 12 June 2018

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2018 the year the government must act on skills crisis

The apprenticeship levy is destined to turn into a “hollow and wasted opportunity” if the government doesn’t act urgently in 2018. A pressing issue in the New Year would be responding to a spike in demand for skilled engineers, fuelled by the government’s drive to install smart meters in homes nationwide.

Contributor: Chris Wood | Published: 5 January 2018

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Government risks electricity supply by increasing imports

Britain has therefore begun – with little public acknowledgment – to import an increasing amount of electricity from continental Europe. It is now projected that the UK will receive 67 TWh of power from undersea interconnectors by 2030, which is a tenfold increase in the projection made in 2012. 

Contributor: Press Release | Published: 1 November 2017

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Government should “cut Uni tuition fees and interest rates”

Tuition Fees: A Fairer Formula’ says that while the Government’s announcement of raising the repayment threshold is “an acknowledgement that a fairer funding split between students and the state is required”.

Contributor: Centre for Policy Studies | Published: 19 October 2017

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Teetering Government has city on edge

Political turmoil impacting on jobs according to London Employment Monitor. The autumn season kicked off with a positive–though light–increase in ... View Article

Contributor: Hakan Enver | Published: 17 October 2017