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Expanding globally? Why you should implement a global HRIS

If you’re looking at global expansion, whether it’s opening new branches, or simply onboarding a more globalized workforce, then your Human Resources solutions are going to become more important than ever.

Contributor: Eyal Dorfman, Owner - E.D Marketing agency | Published: 4 May 2022

Lack of global talent strategy will suffocate business growth

New research by Globalization Partners and CFO Dive, has found that the vast majority of CFOs are recalibrating talent plans in order to maximise opportunities global remote teams provide from a long-term business perspective.

Contributor: Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder - Globalization Partners | Published: 18 April 2021

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Trade War: What is it good for?

A lot of attention is currently being focussed on the latest set of tariffs that the US is imposing on China. Despite the large numbers involved we don’t believe that investors should be concerned about the tariffs per se, but should be aware of the bigger macroeconomic picture and let this guide them in their investment decisions.

Contributor: Barbara Saunders | Published: 23 September 2018

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US to hit longest bull market in history

The US stock market will hit a major milestone, registering the longest bull market in its history (barring a double digit fall between now and then). The UK stock market has also been on a strong since 2009, though its bull run has been broken by a bear market in 2015 and into 2016, though this was relatively short-lived and perhaps is better viewed as a major correction.

Contributor: Laith Khalaf | Published: 22 August 2018

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The risks of Trump’s protectionism

“The more protectionist measures that are put in place…in the US…[are] a threat to being able to diversify the risks across the world because we need free, open borders.” Use the momentum. We really are in the right moment in society to do this”, said Miriam González, on improving boardroom diversity.

Contributor: Inga Beale | Published: 13 June 2018

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Contingent working spikes in U.S.

Response to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) release of the first official estimate of the nation’s contingent workforce since 2005. According to unofficial estimates, the U.S. contingent workforce—our part-time, freelance and contract workers—comprise anywhere from 0.1% to 34% of the nation’s labor market.

Contributor: Scott Fraleigh | Published: 9 June 2018

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UK ranks 8th place in global talent competitiveness ranking

The index reveals that the UK’s ability to leverage diversity for talent competitiveness is boosted by its global knowledge skills but undermined by its weaker performance on tolerance and gender equality. The UK has a particularly strong pool of global knowledge skills, a variable for which it is ranked third in the index.

Contributor: Vinod Kumar | Published: 15 February 2018