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Linkedin, Nintendo and Sky are Gen Z’s top employers

Linkedin, Nintendo and Sky are Gen Z’s top employers when it comes to social impact.   They out-performed 100 companies in the ‘career maker’ category of the Social Impact Barometer 2023 of 16-24-year-olds, from leading brand and social impact agency We Are Futures.   Key to their success were forward-thinking attitudes around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – identified in the survey as key drivers for hiring young talent. 

Contributor: Michele Martin - We Are Futures | Published: 8 August 2023

Gen Z employees take significantly more sick days than older peers

" may be that younger people are more willing to be open about their struggles with mental health – saying a lot about progress made by employers to remove traditional stigma"

Contributor: Matt Liggins, Head of Wellbeing - Health Shield | Published: 7 May 2023

Revealed: What Gen Zs are willing to accept during downturn

'Future-Proof' Research report by Dell Technologies suggests that Generation Z will give policymakers time to deliver economic growth if they can demonstrate a clear, digital plan for a more sustainable future

Contributor: Richard Rawcliffe, Vice President and General Manager UK Public Sector - Dell Technologies | Published: 26 January 2023

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Young gen expectations – businesses must ‘act now or die’

Freshworks today released a global report, with research from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), looking at the attitudes and motivations of Generations Y and Z* towards employment, technology adoption and brand interaction. The new report, titled ‘Digital contagion, trust and social influence: The technological and cultural impact of a new generation’ identifies trends amongst these two generations, looking at the impact of digitalisation in both a work and non-work setting. 

Contributor: Freshworks | Published: 2 December 2022

Gen Z much more likely to be vitamin B deficient than their grandparents

With Gen Z increasingly working from home, it was revealed that 80% of remote workers feel it has negatively impacted their mental health and according to a new study, Gen Z are now twice as likely to have a vitamin D deficiency compared to the older generation. The UK Essential Health Check Report, by home health testing specialist YorkTest, analysed over 4000 people's blood types to explore the impact of various factors, including age and gender, on a variety of health markers including levels of vitamin D, B12 and folate. With winter fast approaching the study revealed that 42% of Brits in their 20s have vitamin D deficiency which might only increase due to new ways of working.

Contributor: Dr Gill Hart - YorkTest | Published: 19 November 2022

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Gen Z rejecting side hustle culture in favour of balance

London, 20th June 2022: Award winning creative agency, Impero, today announces the launch of the latest edition of The Move, The Many Faces of Hustle, revealing 45% of Gen Z say career and money does not define success, showing a rejection of traditional work pressures to ‘make it’ in favour of a more balanced lifestyle.

Contributor: Zuhur Mohamed, Research + Next Gen Culture Insights - Impero | Published: 28 June 2022

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Privately educated graduates expect higher salaries

With the job market bouncing back across all sectors, Gen Z graduates are making ever increasing salary demands on employers before accepting a job offer, a new study shows.

Contributor: Alex MacMillan - Bright Network | Published: 12 April 2022

The lost generation: Younger workers feel they’ve missed out on promotions

Nearly half (49%) of younger workers (18-34 year olds) are planning to look for a new job in the next twelve months The next wave of the Great Resignation comes as 59% of younger workers feel they’ve missed out on promotions they felt they were due  60% of young workers state that working remotely has impacted their career progression - with one in ten younger workers saying they have never had their performance reviewed

Contributor: Ross Seychell, Chief People Officer - Personio | Published: 29 March 2022

Young people want employers to explain their commitments to the environment

New research has revealed the impact that climate change is having on young jobseekers. According to TheTalentPeople, over three-quarters of young people (76%) believe employers could do a better job at explaining their commitments to the environment.

Contributor: David Allison, CEO - GetMyFirstJob. | Published: 7 November 2021

Gen-Z base career choices on favourite TV shows

Careers advisors could soon be out of a job as millions of school leavers and graduates confess to TV having the greatest influence on their chosen career path.

Contributor: Jon Abrahams - Rovva | Published: 29 October 2021