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AI is great but guidance is needed

Asana, a leading work management platform, has released The State of AI at Work Report, powered by insights from its Work Innovation Lab. The report underscores the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, revealing that 36% of employees in the United States United Kingdom now use AI at work at least weekly. 

Contributor: Rebecca Hinds, Head of The Work Innovation Lab - Asana | Published: 31 August 2023

Generative AI in HR – what does it all mean?

We’re all talking about it: AI. It’s changed both our personal and professional lives this year, and in a few short months, it has already begun reshaping industries across the globe. From healthcare, to finance, to marketing, we’re seeing the future unfold in front of our eyes.

Contributor: Allyn Bailey, Executive Director Hiring Success - SmartRecruiters | Published: 23 August 2023

Businesses need three years to prepare for impact of AI

A new survey of 600 UK human resources (HR) managers and directors shows they will need three years to be ready for the impact of AI on the workplace – yet 99% believe artificial intelligence (AI) will deliver benefits.

Contributor: Grant Price, CEO - YOHO Workplace Strategy | Published: 23 June 2023

Digital skills gap is still widening

While 87% of US businesses consider the adoption of new technologies to be critical for future growth, over one-third of Americans lack the basic digital skills that are needed to engage successfully in the modern economy. Most recent data from 52% of tech professionals shows that digital skill gap has increased in the last 12 months.

Contributor: James Lloyd-Townshend, Chairman and CEO - Revolent | Published: 5 June 2023

Why is workforce satisfaction plummeting?

Report of global businesses suggests that one in four (28%) workers plan on quitting their job in the next 12 months, while one in two (45%) are participating in ‘quiet quitting’  Workers are struggling with their mental health in the workplace more than ever, with over a third (37%) saying they work in a ‘psychologically unsafe’ environment Nearly half (47%) of executives surveyed for the report believe their company’s DE&I strategy doesn’t support talent from underrepresented groups Just over a third (36%) of business leaders say they have plans to increase employee pay in the next year 

Contributor: Adelle Harrington, Head - KellyOCG EMEA | Published: 12 May 2023

Revealed: Obstacles to productivity

The new Slack State of Work Report finds that companies are missing opportunities to unlock new levels of employee productivity with time-saving technologies, hybrid work, and talent development. The report, based on a global survey of more than 18,000 desk workers - including 2,000 in the UK, found only 23% of companies are investing in technology to improve productivity and efficiency (21% in the UK), and just 27% of companies are using AI tools to help do so.

Contributor: Pip White, SVP EMEA - Slack | Published: 12 May 2023

Londoners are most demanding for flexible working practices 

Research from fintech lender Sonovate reveals 49% of businesses in London would consider introducing unlimited annual leave compared to just a third (35%) across the UK. London firms are much more likely to offer attractive flexible working perks compared to businesses in other regions – eight in ten (78%) businesses in the capital would consider allowing workers to choose their own hours whilst 67% would consider a four day week.

Contributor: Richard Prime - Sonovate | Published: 26 April 2023