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Fifty percent more working mums today than in the 1970s

That mums are less likely to drop out of the workforce when they start having children is a positive development. This is however, unlikely to tackle the gender pay gap as many women may find themselves in flexible, part-time or less well-paid jobs. Contributor Shainaz Firfiray.

Contributor: Shainaz Firfiray | Published: 8 May 2018

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Women take the lead on saving money

Almost half (48 percent) of women aged 25-45 are solely responsible for the financial decisions in their household, yet 57 percent in this age group do not have any kind of cover. Buying something is most likely to be a priority for this group if it saves money (42 percent) or can be used often (30 percent).

Contributor: Natalie Summerson | Published: 5 May 2018