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Trust deficit is impacting diversity efforts

New research conducted by Economist Impact and commissioned by Zellis has revealed enthusiasm among British and Irish workers to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programmes by providing personal information

Contributor: John Petter - Zellis | Published: 28 November 2021

UK PLC bullish about the economy

A survey of FTSE 350 companies finds that British boards are aligned on the importance of employees and corporate culture. They are also optimistic about the economy and much more focussed on climate change than was previously the case, according to the report published by The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland in association with the Financial Times

Contributor: Maria Brookes, The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland | Published: 27 November 2021

Stark engagement divide between frontline and remote workers

“COVID has put intense pressure on frontline workers. As they’re unable to work remotely and have had to cope with health and wellbeing concerns including burnout, this has predictably impacted engagement, and we’re now seeing the inevitable fallout."

Contributor: Steven Frost, Founder and CEO - Workbuzz | Published: 26 November 2021

Engagement levels dropping, employers braced for departures spike

Research from Inpulse reveals that engagement levels drop by 60% for those planning on leaving roles compared to those who intend to stay. The data also highlights that feelings surrounding inclusion, wellbeing, work-life balance, career development and recognition are key indicators of an employees’ likelihood of remaining in their current job.

Contributor: Matt Stephens, CEO - Inpulse | Published: 10 November 2021

Businesses struggling to adapt employee experience to meet new work needs

Despite their best intentions, most employers are facing difficulties responding to changing employee expectations around employee experience and wellbeing during the pandemic. 69% of HR leaders admit that their efforts to improve employee experience are being held back by a lack of a clear strategy, and 76% report that they are struggling to adapt their employee experience to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Contributor: Matt Macri-Waller, CEO - Benefex | Published: 9 November 2021

Warning of extensive productivity concerns ahead

New findings from Agility in Mind reveal widespread concern about productivity from leading business decision makers with hybrid working models setting in post pandemic. The report shows that over half (51%) of UK business decision makers are worried about productivity in the workplace, with 74% showing at least some concern as we move into the next stages of the Covid crisis.

Contributor: Andrew Jones, CEO - Agility in Mind | Published: 27 October 2021

Half of businesses do not measure the effectiveness of their employee communications

Nearly half of UK organisations still do not measure the effectiveness of their employee communications, a survey has found. More than 18 months since workforce dynamics were changed irreversibly by the pandemic, the research showed 48% of organisations have no data about whether the information they send to their employees is being read or not. VRAMP, the internal communications expert, conducted the survey in August 2021 to inform The State of Employee Engagement in the UK report, released today.

Contributor: Darren Hepburn, Operations Director - VRAMP | Published: 18 October 2021

Huge disconnect between executives and employees on the return to work

Future Forum, a consortium launched by Slack to help companies reimagine work in the new digital-first workplace, today released the latest findings from the Future Forum Pulse, a global study that shows a huge divide between executives and non-executives on returning to the office: “the Great Executive-Employee Disconnect.”

Contributor: Brian Elliott, Executive Leader - Future Forum | Published: 12 October 2021

Employer brands struggling to emulate connections with customers

Findings from the ‘People Like Us’ study which examined 2,000 UK consumers’ experiences and relationships to others during the COVID-19 pandemic, conclude more than a third (37 percent) of workers now feel closer to colleagues, with 31 percent reporting feeling closer to their boss.

Contributor: Helen Briggs, Senior Vice President and General Manager - Genesys | Published: 8 October 2021

How can we overcome negotiation impasses?

New research from ESMT Berlin explores how negotiators can effectively solve negotiation breakdowns and prevent bitter deadlocks. The researchers identified three different types of negotiation impasses; wanted, forced, and unwanted.

Contributor: Professor Martin Schweinsberg - ESMT Berlin | Published: 22 September 2021