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Third of HR teams not deleting personal data after retention periods expire

Six months on from the GDPR, new study highlights discrepancies between data protection policies and practices among UK HR teams – despite 87% saying they are confident their processes are ‘fully compliant’ with the regulations. A third of HR teams admit to being in breach of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation .

Contributor: Claire Williams | Published: 29 November 2018

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Organisations can leak confidential info like sieves

This week, Amazon has said it is investigating suspected internal leaks of confidential data by its employees for bribes to remove fake reviews and other seller scams from its website. Confidential data can be a company’s most valuable asset, whether this is customer data, trade secrets or future developments which will bring significant updates once introduced.

Contributor: Alastair Brown | Published: 24 September 2018

statistics statistics

UK GDP Preview – ONS release tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the publication of the first estimate of GDP for the second quarter of the year, which is expected to rebound to 0.4% after a measly 0.2% growth was recorded in the first quarter, thanks to the Beast from the East shutting down much of the country for a few days in February and March.

Contributor: Laith Khalaf | Published: 9 August 2018

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Race Disparity Audit: Government must act now

If the inequalities revealed in the Race Disparity Audit are to be tackled, Government departments must have clear and measurable plans for improving the consistency and robustness of the data and turning it into a set of cross-government priorities for action, says a new report from the Women and Equalities Committee.

Contributor: Maria Miller | Published: 12 June 2018

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Consumer spring anticipated over data privacy

UK Consumers are set to target businesses with onslaught of data privacy requests Following Deadline for GDPR Compliance; 40 percent of UK consumers intend to exercise their data privacy rights in the next six months. Financial services, retail and social media companies to be hit the hardest with personal data requests.

Contributor: Mike Palmer | Published: 6 May 2018

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Risk of compromised credentials “HR’S problem”

Report shows that around half believe only a major breach would change their opinion that compromised user credentials are a ‘significant risk’. A worrying number of senior executives in the UK believe the risk of compromised user credentials (mainly stolen or misused passwords) – is an HR training problem, and not an IT issue.

Contributor: Barry Scott | Published: 14 April 2018

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Agility and best use of data top concerns for brands in 2018

Embracing agility and driving efficiency and effectiveness are the most important business considerations for brands this year, The survey, which asked clients to rank their top business concerns, found that agility in the workplace was by far the most important issue.

Contributor: Sue Unerman | Published: 7 April 2018

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The Hillary Clinton effect – everyone’s a data breach risk

Cyber security and the safety of customer personal data should not be taken lightly. “Relaxed attitudes to security and the trend for mobile working, which often sees sensitive, business-critical data reviewed on personal mobile devices, can present a risk to data being ‘leaked’ or accessed by others.

Contributor: Matt Royle | Published: 25 October 2017

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Is this the end for the Sat-Nav?

John Lewis is the first major UK retailer to remove sat-savs from shelves after announcing consistently declining sales in their ... View Article

Contributor: Finlay Clark | Published: 15 October 2017

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Companies hiring to cover for GDPR

Research from leading recruitment specialist Robert Half UK has revealed that two-thirds (66 percent) of CIOs will hire additional, permanent employees to cope with the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) next year. A further 64 percent of CIOs will hire temporary or interim staff to ensure they have the highly-skilled talent in place to manage the change in data management and reporting.

Contributor: Phil Sheridan | Published: 3 September 2017