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Should political and social opinions be banned from the workplace?

HiBob, the company behind Bob, the HR platform transforming how organisations operate in the modern world of work, today publishes results from a new survey revealing that the UK workforce is divided on whether politics and social opinions belong on the office.

Contributor: Ronni Zehavi - HiBob | Published: 16 August 2023

Belonging starts with giving better compliments at work

A compliment can go a long way in the workplace, for both the receiver and the giver. It’s scientifically proven that verbal affirmations are neurologically processed similarly to financial rewards. Despite this, managers can have a terrible habit of staying silent when it comes to positive feedback. A sociologist explains how to give better compliments.

Contributor: Dr. Liz Kofman-Burns, Ph.D. Sociologist and Co-founder - Peoplism | Published: 23 February 2023

Shift to “anywhere” work has made connection harder

Simpplr, the leading AI-powered employee experience platform today released the results of its Anywhere Work 2023 Employee Experience Survey Report . The survey asked HR executives of organizations with more than 500 employees about their ability to effectively communicate, connect, and engage with their employees who work anywhere.

Contributor: Samantha Hird, Simpplr | Published: 15 January 2023

Can loving your country hinder international collaboration?

Having a positive attitude towards your home country is more likely to hinder you from collaborating internationally, according to new research from Durham University Business School. Whilst having a less positive attitude towards your country of origin means you’re more likely to engage in international collaborations.

Contributor: Peter Remon - Bluesky Education | Published: 6 November 2022

Fear of failure is paralysing decision making

“Fear of failure is not unusual, however it can be particularly dominant in organisations that employ ‘old school’ leadership practices”

Contributor: Robert Ordever, European MD - O.C. Tanner | Published: 1 June 2022