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UK should adopt EU whistleblower legislation

Protect, who advise whistleblowers on how to safely raise whistleblowing concerns, wants the government to keep its promise that workers won’t be affected negatively whatever happens with Brexit, and strengthen the protection of UK whistleblowers especially those currently not protected if they speak out on public interest concerns.

Contributor: Cathy James | Published: 15 May 2019

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Supreme Court to test whether thousands of City employment contracts are void

“The case could also open up the possibility that if employers cannot get employees to sign revised contracts, then they may be forced to fire and rehire them on new terms. However, this could leave employers exposed to unfair dismissal claims and trigger ‘good leaver’ status for employees.”

Contributor: Ivor Adair | Published: 21 January 2019

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If Music be the food of arguments

Despite the best intention of employers, a large number of offices (43 percent) give control of the playlist to one person and this has a negative impact on morale. 73 percent of workers in offices that allow music and have the playlist controlled by one person said they are more likely to be unhappy as they haven’t contributed anything. Some people went as far to say that it has resulted in arguments or heated discussions.

Contributor: Gareth Jones | Published: 21 November 2017

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Main causes of office disputes

78 million working hours are lost every year as workers search for stolen items.  Research from Brother UK, a supplier of technology solutions for business, has revealed the top five popular causes of office disputes, with gossip coming top. Over a third (34 percent) of office workers cited gossiping about colleagues and management as the leading reason for arguments and disruption in the office.

Contributor: Phil Jones | Published: 16 November 2017