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UK ranks 2nd cheapest country in Europe to own an electric vehicle

The analysis shows that the UK is now the second most cost-effective country in Europe to own an electric vehicle. According to the Car Cost Index, the average monthly total cost of ownership for electric vehicles in the UK is €676, with only Greece offering a lower total cost of ownership of €656.

Contributor: Alfonso Martinez | Published: 17 September 2019

The 20-minute London commute is the perfect time 

Detailing which boroughs are the happiest, in top spot is Richmond where 93 percent of workers in Richmond enjoy going to work, of which 1 in 3 of those have a commute of 20 minutes or less. Workers have also named Richmond as one of the best boroughs for greenspace, pubs and coffee shops. 

Contributor: Michael Dubicki | Published: 16 June 2019

One in three commute 90 minutes every day

A new nationwide survey of the UK workforce by leading serviced office provider, Office Space in Town, reveals that commuting is having a detrimental effect on their productivity, wellbeing, family life and social life, with over a third of respondents (36 percent) commuting for more than 90 minutes a day.

Contributor: Giles Fuchs | Published: 10 June 2019

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Which companies are covering commuting cost?

Those travelling into London are much worse off, with this cost increasing to almost £200,000. This is an enormous amount of money and certainly puts a dent in the finances of hard-working men and women across the country

Contributor: Tom Chapman | Published: 17 February 2019

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Winter Commuting: I Thawed the Law 

There is no law which says you have to pay an employee who can’t get to work due to travel disruption or adverse weather conditions. Of course, it may say in their employment contract that they will be paid under these circumstances, in which case you must honour this.

Contributor: Hannah Parsons | Published: 20 January 2019

UK roads – too dangerous for commuting on cycles?

Despite the government pouring £1.2 billion into cycling*, new research has revealed that it is still only a slim few who are cycling to work, with many citing nervousness about cycling in traffic as the reason. A survey of more than 7,600 UK adults published, shows that only 7% of the nation is commuting to work with a bike.

Contributor: Philippe Rebelo | Published: 2 November 2018

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The commute is ‘number one reason’ to work from home

The majority believe that a lack of commute is the prime benefit to working from home, with flexibility coming a close second. Both office-based staff and those who already work from home were polled, with respondents from both sides in agreement that a lack of commute is the number one draw to working from home.

Contributor: Stewart Butler | Published: 5 September 2018

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Londoners commute on average of 74 minutes every day

Commuting in the UK has always been an issue, with an average commute nearly an hour long at 54 minutes. But, according to Instant Offices, it’s Londoners who bear the brunt of this with the longest commute in the country at 74 minutes – almost twice the worldwide average of 40 minutes.

Contributor: Jakiya Rahman | Published: 19 July 2018